Commitment bonus dilema ???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by fcuk15, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I took my £5,500 commitment bonus back in Jan 2010. 18 months on iv decided to leave the forces, now will I pay the full £5,500 back or will I pay a % pack as I was informed for every month I stayed in the army my £5,500 would go down ?? plz help i have contacted my unit & JPA who are both unsure on this ?????
  2. You Tosser.
  3. Do1 muppet
  4. Give it all back you time waster.
  5. Weren't you medically discharged?

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  6. Tried asking your admin office?

    Admins not a dirty word you lazy ****
  7. Read the paperwork you must have signed before receiving the bonus.
    What do the Terms and Conditions you agreed to say?
    You did keep a copy, didn´t you?
  8. You are Bergerac and I claim my £5. Some biff with a hilarious profile is telling porkies. Unless you get loadsamoney for being a committed biff?
  9. Well spotted, stacker1 !!!!!!
    He is obviously more of a numpty than I thought.
  10. Muppet? Moi? You are a classic example of the reason why we should not employ people below a certain educational grade in the military. Let us look at your pathetic case, the reason why you have posted on here. Can we determine the reason that you have no shame? You ******?

    You took a commitment bonus. But having spent it on sweeties and xbox bollocks, your commitment has waned. What a ****.

    Pay it all back NOW.

    And die a horrible death from emphysema, choking in your own sputum, your lies and lack of commitment, you utterly contemptible ****.
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  11. .... and nothing more was left to say on the matter.......
  12. Beware, splinters in bottom my friend!
  13. Crevice is a dirty word (with thanks to General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchett)
  14. I live very close to the land of Smile. Vertical Smile.
  15. Assuming you are signing off and not, as stacker points out, being MDd I am pretty sure you'll have to pay the whole lot back... that's what happened to a lunatic at my unit who simply couldn't hack another couple of months...

    Just the job when you are on the way out. You are scrimping and saving pennies, but have to pay back a big wedge because you don't want to return the commitment it was given for.

    And yes, it is completely fair. The payment is for a return of service of X years, you are only returning 0.Y