commitment bonus £5500

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by D(ra)MA, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. £5500 after 5-7 years eh?... So that'll be after at least 7 years then!

    7 years after 2004 is 2011... possible pull out date from the sandy places perhaps??

    Or maybe just in time to give you enough money to buy a ticket for the Olympics?

  2. If you read the article it says:

    "Soldiers who join the Army on or after the 1 Apr 04 will receive the new commitment bonus, as a single payment of £5500 (gross), at a point determined by their Arm or Service Director. This point will usually be between 5-7 yrs length of service"

    That means that the payments probably won't be due until 2009 to 2011.
  3. As you have to give a year's notice to get out it will probably be after the 6 year point! :wink:
  4. And once again if you joined to early there is no bonus for serving allready
    I missed out on the old bonus by a few months (I know guys who missed it by days)
    So when i saw the new bonus thought I would ask about it only to be told I cant get that one either
    Is there ever going to be a way the old and bold can get a bonus or is it just tough luck????
  5. Here mate i know exactly what you mean. I joined Feb 1990, when the bonuses were alive and kicking (5 & 8) only to be told around the three year point or something like that they were stopping them.
    Next thing you know they bring them back in again.
    Have heard loads of different rumours/stories that those who had them get less pension etc, but to be honest i am just praying that they will still have the pension by the time i finish my last six years (not holding my breath much) as they have already tried without much success i bet to get people on the new pension system.
    Think its just a case of us dipping out on something again mate !!