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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by engineer03, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. :?
    I am thinking of joining the TA as an officer.
    I enroled in the potential army officer course at 16 and applied to welbeck academy but family issues stopped me in my tracks. I am now 26 and have never lost the dream of enroling but financially i am able to go in the regular army.
    So i would like to serve in the TA but want to know more about the specific time commitments this may entail.
    I am aware that the minimum requirement is one night every week and one weekend a month plus the 2 week training camp each year.
    Are all of these complusary?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    They are not compulsory, but they would also constitute the bare minimum you should expect to be doing.

    If you chose not to do the amount of training you mentioned once commissioned, you would not really be effective as a TA officer. You should expect to do considerably more than this during your pre-commissioning training.
  3. Depends on whether you are considering National or Regional TA...

    National TA recruits well...nationally, and operates from a central HQ. The commitment is lower, minimum 19 days although you would normally expect to do around 30. As the Duke says, you will probably have to do more initially to get through Sandbags etc, but this may suit you better...

    RLC runs a good officer training programme through Grantham, give them a ring... 0115 957 3113

    ... lots of stuff on offer - Not Just Trucks!
  4. thanks that makes things alittle easier. I am more than happy to make a commitment its just whether i can be about every week and every weekend training camp. if these are not compulsory everytime then i can easily make the commitment.

    i am no where near grantham i believe but i have the number for TA unit near me. i am not sure if it is a national or local unit.

    Also the 27 days or 19 days, is that inclusive of the 2 week camp, weekends away and weekly meets or is that extra time?
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. That's an ARAB fest... :roll:

    The RLC STAB YO program seems to be pretty good...

    Although I am no lover of Grantham, there are times when being the Really Large Corps is actually of use. :D
  7. The 27/19 days is inclusive of the 2 week camp...

    The point about national is that it does not matter where you live, the system pays to move you wherever it want you, whenever it wants you.

    National TA usually grabs a weekend a month or so rather than an evening a week. If you are contacting a unit in a drill hall, it will be local. If you want teeth arm, particularly infantry, than local is the way. If you want to do something specialsit or technica, then National is probably better...