commital bonuses (5 & 8 yr Money)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Danny_Dravot, Feb 16, 2006.

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  1. A top level study (1*) is about to commence on the utility of committal bonuses (i.e. 5 & 8 yr money).

    There are several trains of thought, including, lumping both amounts together, giving an extra amount in each months pay, increasing for particular trades or, heaven forbid, sacking it completely.

    Personally, i think £5k is pretty measly...i think we should be going for an amount that will really make people stay in...say around £10-12K at around the 7 yr point....after all most people get out at the LCpl stage...this would be a big sweetener, if coupled with a 5yr RoS.

    £5k aint that much and most of the lads can save this amount on a decent tour, therefore its not that effective.


    PS....i think Officers should get it too as some Regts/Corps are painfully undermanned at Capt/jr Maj level
  2. They're be a long debate and eventually they'll cut it for a few years then admit they made a mistake and increase it later (after saving money for a few years)

    The re-introduction will then be a big PR bonus as to how good they are to us :roll:

    Cynical? Not totally, I was one of the few shafted when they re-assessed last time (hit the five year point just after they stopped it and the eight year point just before they re-instated with a PR flurish). I always understood the bonus as being part of the pension, but I guess that don't matter to budgeteers :evil:
  3. due to the general lack of interet shown in this subject, i'm assuming everybody is happy to lose the bonus...fair closed!
  4. I joined up at 16 and I've dont 5 years and one month, so my five year money should be burning a hole in my pocket right now...

    O yea i forgot my five year money is actually going to be my 6 years and 2 months money,

  5. Why don't they just give the lads and lassies a very big pay rise and don't take it back in charges for food and accomodation plus make their pay tax free when on operations.
  6. Its never going to happen mate....however, the commital bonuses are within the gift of the ECAB and can be introduced or removed.

    I am desperate for meaningful comment as to thoughts at the coal face so i can complete current staff paper
  7. msr

    msr LE

    Why not go and visit a unit and ask the soldiers there?

  8. i think msr has a point there, goon_bde... might get you out of the office too. i sincerely hope you aren't influencing the future bonus structure of all our lads based on a quick survey on arrse. please, tell me there is more to it than that.

  9. jeees....thanks for that....i'd not thought of visiting soldiers, neither had i thought about infoing everybody in the COC to canvas opinion, neither had i considered taking the results of the recent CAS's....

    fcuk me...i was trying to use this as yet another medium to canvas opinon at the coal would seem that apathy really is getting the best of everybody as nobody seems to be that interested, this conclusion is drawn from the various study days and visits conducted so far...

    or is it a case of....we've had ours already, we're alright thanks....

    MSR...if i remeber correctly you're TAs and don't qualify anyway???
  10. Quite the contrary, Malariadup! The bonus is NOT pensionable which is one reason why the hierarchy like it. It is something they can switch on and off at will and it has no impact on any long term budgets.