Commissions in Household Division

Discussion in 'Officers' started by tjhh500, May 9, 2008.

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  1. When applying for a commission in the Household division, how competitive is it and is there anything specific that those regiments do when they decide on who they are going to give commission to?
  2. Well, as each household division regiment is quite different, they will all have different levels of competition and requirements. Have you visited the regiments and decided that you like their job, or is the household division tie the main decider for you? The h-cav do have a slightly different role to the scots guards....
  3. Isnt being wealthy a general requirement? I have heard (this could be mere rumour or stereotype) that the mess bill of a house hold cavalry officer will surpass his wage (due to the functions that are hosted and must be contributed to) therefore an outside income is required (for example inherited wealth).

    I have heard that it is this way in order to remain eliteist (may have spelt that wrong) without breaching the law.

    please correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. You're wrong. It's been done to death elsewhere - suggest a quick search.
  5. thanks, I dont mean to offend but I heard from someone on my briefing. I had my doubts on the subject but dont know anyone from household cav so couldnt claim to know any better,

    so just a vicous rumour then, at least I have not made that claim to anyone else.
    I retract my previous statement.
  6. i was thinking along the lines of grenadiers/coldstreams
  7. Other examples are pimping high class prozzies, dealing class A drugs and armed robbery - these are real examples of how HDIV officers have supplemented their income in the past, so there is plenty of scope if you feel that you can´t keep up with your fellow mess members.

    Don´t believe all that tosh about not needing a private income. If you can´t afford it, engage your brain or join the Rifles.
  8. So TJHH500 there you have it in a nutshell, all those answers and I bet you're none the wiser for it.
  9. So you want to join an infantry regiment, why the guards?
  10. Not to mention pushing Mars bars! 8)
  11. The last six generations have been Commanding Officers of the Grenadiers so he's got some old uniforms he can use?
  12. probably likes the nice red suit :roll:
  13. I've probably imagined the last few years then. Either that or picked up the wrong hat and didn't notice. :roll:

  14. That sounds exactly like the genuine article. I'll bet you've got 'foppish' hair too.
  15. Actually, I prefer 'louche'. The RSM likes it that way, despite his claims.