Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by IntellectualThug, Apr 27, 2004.

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  1. Greetings my fellow STABS,

    I've been in the TA (Inf regt, then cav) for four glorious (feel the sarcasm!) years now as a soldier. I have recently been nominated for a TA commission and have got a dry run known as the TA Briefing - which precedes the TA Commssions Board and then Sandhurst - at RCB Westbury in the not too distant future.

    Whilst I have been informed about what will be contained in my two days at RCB Westbury - e.g. PLANEX, Mental Aptitude Test, Cmd tasks, discussions etc - I would greatly appreciate any input from fellow ARRSE-ers as to their own experiences.

    Look forward to your comments (including jibes at my being a wanna-be Rupert!!).
  2. One of my OCdts failed the same board last month. I was told that she wasn't `assertive` enough.

    My advice to you is just be yourself. if you've been in the TA for 4 years already then someone has seen that you have potential and that is why you are going on the board. Hurdle 1 crossed - only about 16 more to jump.....
  3. The TCB process used to be crap although things have changed - the main thing is to put every ounce of effort into it - make sure you ar efit enough, and get some practice at speaking in front of people!

    thats all i can think of, apart form if something doesn't go quite right, forget it and concentrate on the next thing.

  4. Im taking the RCB process. Don't be afraid to be assertive and speak up. Make sure fitness is good - if you've been a soldier in the TA for four years, my guess is they will expect a higher standard all round (for RCB ive been told that just being in the TA at all first means they expect more from you)
  5. Of course being able to plan under time and resource pressures, effective team dynamics management, being able to analyse information amd respond clearly and concisely, good dress sense and a DECENT PERSONALITY are just mere trivial point.

    Just as long as you can run and cuff everything will be okay. :wink:
  6. Touche'
    Yeah ok that too, but the TA tries to prepare you for that anyway - my unit supplied planning exercises for practise. Also, i find it helps if you write your own planning exercise script, and then go and set the problem to someone else. That way, you get a sense of what the TCB/RCB testing staff are after - UOTC or ACF are good for practising this on.d Fitness and confidence is down to you
  7. very informative replies. thanks guys.

    my unit seem a bit lazy on assisting me with preparation. has basically been left up to me.
  8. that is not unusual! my unit were pretty rubbish, though they did try. Like you rman says - try and get in touch with any friends in the OTC - they have the resources because th esommissioning process is a big part of their training. The other thing to remember is that TCB process is very short time wise - you NEED to make an impression.

    Good luck!

  9. IT,

    Is it your unit being lazy or as a potential future leader they expect you to prep yourself? Afterall RCB/TCB try and assess potential and someone rehearshing them just to pass is not what it is about!

    Be yourself and the board will see what you have, try and be what you think they want and they'll spot the phoney.

    By the way - good luck!

  10. TJ and ofo

    thanks guys. am in process of prepping myself as we speak... more running required (as ever!) :lol:
  11. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Can somebody PLEASE tell me the DS solution to the Planning Exercise which you are supposed to fail is? I found the loophole that they couldn't fix (the trick was four men need to carry the stretchers but must rest for 2 minutes every 10 minutes of carrying but the bandits watching from the side of the mountain would attack after one minute of no movement - the solution was to rotate the 15 carriers around the three stretchers whilst still moving thus allowing carriers to walk but not carry the stretchers therefore resting - I think there was another reason why they couldn't walk for 5 and rest for one minute but I digress) WHAT are you supposed to do, argue, look glum, apologise for not being worthy of the test and shut up or what???

    Mr H
  12. The difference between RCB and TCB is this (speaking form experience) RCB is looking for potential, TCB is looking for oyu to already have the skills - after all straight afterwards you could go on the 3 week TACC!

  13. have the skills already?? 8O oh feck. :lol:
  14. Yes be yourself..certainly dont be me I cocked it up beyond all recognition. Repeatedly.

    Certified Other Rank

    No, the advice is spot yourself. The list of ways that people cock it up is as long as your arm and you cant pass by making up for other peoples failures. You can try again or at least you used to ( Ive been on so many pre RCBs and TCBs that I'm amazed I havent been black listed) but until you know where you came up short you can't address it. If you feel you have any weak areas yourself address those. If you are going to pass then you should be perceptive enough to pick up any blatant weaknesses.

    Having said that on TACC here are my tips for the top.

    Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness,Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness, Fitness.

    Skills particularly ATDs. Means you dont have extra stress worrying about them.

    Your feet. See a chiropidist and then use meths/white spirit as an astringent.