Commissioning without swords?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Timble, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. I have just seen the photos from a friends Sovereigns Parade and noticed that only the JUO's were carrying swords. Is this now the way forward for Sandhurst or was it a one-off. Any ideas why this has changed?
  2. Maybe their sword drill wasn't up to scratch?

    Pardon my ignorance, but are JUO's the senior term who are graduating, and everyone else Off Cdts?
  3. JUO's are part of the senior term that is about to commission, but only 3/company. The rest of the senior term used to carry swords, but all had rifles instead.
  4. You sure that the photos weren't of the Inters term, who carry rifles on Sovereign's Parade?
  5. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    It goes in swings and roundabouts and presumably up to the Commandant's discretion. Swords for all was a reasonably new concept. Up to the mid/late 90s (last time I went to pass out), it was JUOs only that carried swords. Everyone else, including 3rd termers, carried rifle.

    Anyone know when it changed?
  6. Photos were correct. Only a handful of swords on display. General and probably permanent change in direction by DJ RJ (in the house). First time it has happened.

    Format of the evening changed too. Sit down bog standard curry, fewer guests per person, no breakfast at 0300. Resulted in far less chundering and seemingly less fun. Fireworks at midnight were piss poor too.
  7. May be entirely wrong but is the distinction not between those who hold a commission and therefore carry swords (having passed through uni as officers but are only now receiving their full training) and those who do not as yet hold a commission (who are officially commissioned as they march up the steps of Old College) having joined straight form school/the ranks/other walks of life etc and carry rifles?

    There again when do you receive or have your commission confirmed, as you march up the steps or on the stroke of midnight?
  8. Senior term passed out with swords for the first time on CC983 under the current system. Swords were used back in the 60's when the course was 2 years long for some - not Rowallan or Y-list reasons. Other reasons for the change could be that the swords were not up to (serviceable condition) or not enough swords to go around. Any insiders who might shed more light?
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    No, I think it will be done on RMAS appointment (JUO & SUO) only. Uni OTC only go as far as SUO as well and that is an internal appointment only. Remember even those that hold a TA commission (as one bloke in my pl did) start as OCdts again.

    Midnight as always is part 2 of the answer.
  10. Having called RMAS ref swords for weddings in Oct, they said they didn't lend them out any more as they were losing/having too many broken; however for a wedding in 05 they were more than happy for a bottle of Champagne. Maybe they've had their fingers burned with loans or there are not enough to go round to start with.

    Any insiders?
  11. It was rifles when i commissioned.

    They probably brought in swords for that guns and roses intake, so that the women could look like they were "Equal" and not standing jittering with a big gun in their hands
  12. Apparently the new new, New College commander as part of his many shake up's thought it'd look smarter with swords..... Personally I think not only did it look crap, you're commissioning and officers use swords!
  13. joint decision between New College Commander and DJ RJ. Sword drill at the Banner Parade wasnt up to scratch and it had been in the pipeline for bit so there was the excuse they needed. only the JUOs had swords (as demonstrated by the queens medal winner being an Officer Cadet who had to ground arms to go forward and recieve his award.)
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It was SLRs with bayonets when I commissioned for all but 'half-company commanders' (I was on the SGC and we were all 2Lts from the start of the course). IIRC, we had two periods of sword drill during the course, the rest was all rifle. The SGC 'half company commanders' were selected on the basis of being good little drill-pigs as we didn't do the 'cadet government' bit...

    Now I'm off for a restorative glass of Sanatogens and to change my colostomy bag.
  15. It was all fields around RMAS when I was a lad! Erm...