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Discussion in 'Officers' started by GeneralMalaise, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. As is usual at 1800hrs every day I was in the 'smallest room' in the house and happened to gaze upon my Commissioning Scroll which was sent to me soon after leaving Sandhurst. Not having looked at the scroll for a while I had a closer inspection and realised that my 3 year old daughter could have made a better job of the thing with my old Commodore 64 and a daisy-wheel printer.

    My disgust is compounded by the fact that I was visiting a friend’s house (who is considerably more senior than I) whose scroll is printed on decent paper, with decent ink and is actually signed!!!

    My question – Is it just my scroll that is s*it or are all others of bad quality?? Are the Warrant Scrolls like that are given to Warrant Officers as bad??
  2. I have noticed that some more recent Army scrolls are indeed quite poor quality. Mine from the eighties is fine. The Navy have fantastic ones. The RAF get their's from McDonalds...
  3. Not just me then!
  4. and so they should, polyester suits, rubber soled shoes and names like "gav", its all they deserve!
  5. I'm afraid I wouldn't know about the Warrants as, despite having been a Warrant Officer for 3 1/2 years, I have yet to receive mine. As ours are signed by the Minister of Defence, who has of course since changed, I don't know if I will ever get one. On the other hand I don't need a piece of paper signed by TCH to validate my service. At least you have HM's signature.
  6. My point precisely Temple. The scroll is not signed by HM. Instead it's a badly printed piece of s*itty paper. I'm told that the WO scrolls are the same but validated by the SOS for Defence. As for not having yours yet, I'd get up to the Adjt's office and get him to find out where yours is.
  7. Both my Warrant and Commission are just as crap as each other ! !
  8. My Commissioning Scroll is of a very high quality actually....interesting. It's printed on goat's skin paper and everything. Maybe the quality of the scroll depends on the quality of the Officer? hehe
  9. I have just realised that I don't actually have one at all!
  10. If you speak to your Adjt or local MS rep they can normally get them delivered in a matter of weeks.
  11. They are all pump nowadays. Apparently the original signature ended around 10 years ago and the proper seal some years before. The claim that this was directly linked to how valued the Army is by the powers that be since around that time is purely hearsay...
  12. My dad's looks the real deal, but mine's clearly not. I still haven't bothered taking it out of the cardboard tube it came in.

    To be fair, although it isn't signed personally by HM, I also don't believe it's a print-out: it looks like one of these repeater machines where the signatory signs the doc once, with a pen held in a special contraption and then the machine does all the rest of the signatures based on the first.

    HM is not in her first flush of youth and has to sign oodles of paperwork every day. Adding a thousand commissioning scrolls a year (and that's just the Army) would lay her low with carpal tunnel syndrome in no time at all.

    Whilst I wish I had the real deal, I don't begrudge her the use of her hands.

  13. Mine too!!!!! Although did not get it until 5 years after RMAS.
  14. I'm now wondering when the Army 4x2 & Capt Blackadder commissioned?? As I said on my original thread my scroll is dog shite. The paper is low quality and the ink is all smudged.......old farts that commissioned pre-96 have very nice quality scrolls which are signed. Those pre '90 have wax seals. Now that's smart!
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Well I commissioned in the 80s and mine is signed by Her Madge and a couple of others - Roland Guy is one, not sure about the other - but doesn't have a wax seal: that's the kind of thing you get in dodgy American dentist's surgeries. The 'seal' is simply stamped into the paper, as is traditional.

    Why has the Queen stopped signing commissions? Simple really: she likes us oldsters more than she likes you young whippersnappers because we are better looking, cleverer, funnier and more sexually magnetic. She actually states on my commission that I am 'trusty and well beloved', and she signed it, so it must be true... :D