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Commissioning Results

How come the only "Results to follow" on ArmyNet are on the RE tab? Hmmmmmm maybe the quickening is just getting outdated or everyone else has got their sh1t together? Your thoughts........
I beleive the quickening this year is 2nd week of december, which is a week AFTER the result of the WO2 - 1 Board, now how f**kin mad is that?
As far as I understand the ASB sits and decides the commssioning results then publishes accordingly, the rest of the army has sorted it out yet we haven't, what's the score? Maybe some one in the know would like to shed light on the situation?

Probably allows puzzle palace to work out how many WO1s they will need and then promote accordingly. Shame the rest of the army has sorted it's sh*t out and we are now languishing behind the power curve.

Shame it doesn't affect me though lol

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