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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Any news on today's board results.

    Obviously, I know we can and should not publish names. However, I would like to know numbers of successful candidates (How many not Regt Nos) and any non compromising clues to identities. A couple of us are on exercise and don't have access to the list.

    Cheers guys

  2. oohh..we still do exercises???
  3. that exercise must be nails if youre on the net mate ;)
  4. not like those freezing cold days in the back of a 432 in Germany, chipping the ice off the mapboard, then finding your chinograph had frozen. We were lucky to have ptarmigan in them days..


    AF432 - rust bucket of an APC (not the Glasgow sort)
    Chinograph - predecessor to lumocolours
  5. OK I'm going to particularly pedantic with you (seeing as you are the Int Corps)

    With Ptarmigan came the AFV436 and Lumocolour.

    So the combinations are as follows:

    AFV432 & chinagraph & BRUIN


    AFV436 & Ptarmigan & Lumocolour

    No mixing and matching :lol: :lol:
  6. Ptarmigan? Sprog. Bruin - now there's a system that never worked. :D
  7. lol..thanks for clarifying that. Fortunately for me I only managed one tour in the back of AFVs...and ptarmigan came in after. I do remember sending some sprog off to check the padlocks on ptarmigan vehicle sheds....:)
  8. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Have you tried Armynet? Might be on there, next to the flying pigs...
  9. Ptarmigan? Chinagraphs? Sprogs.

    I remember when it was smoke signals and runners, and burnt sticks on the wall of the cave.

    I don't know. Kids today don't know how easy they have it...
  10. Smoke signals? Burnt sticks?

    When whistler and I first met, we hadn't even discovered fire. Or at least, the Royal Signals hadn't, the rest of the human race had just adopted TCP/IP.

    Just had to scratch pictures on each other with sharpened flints to communicate. Long distance involved the scratchee running across the valley, dodging dinosaurs and paleantologists complaining about dinosaurs and humans in the same shot, in order to show his scars to the recipient of the message.
  11. Actually because we so secretive a unit we used unburnt sticks and non-smoke signals!!

    Anyway, has anyone been commissoned yet?
  12. who cares? :) this is more fun.
  13. Flint? Whats that?

    When I were a lad it was still forming....

    No hang on... GIAO is older than me!
  14. what no P & Q registers? (or whatever they were called?
  15. Fair enough.... :twisted:

    He's older than everyone - in fact I overheard Methusala calling him an old git!

    P & Q codes (?) - don't know what they are but we were probably on (lowercase) a and b codes..

    Actually, the biggest bunch of chinagraphs I ever saw were in the pocket of that spotty little Int Corps lance jack who used to mark up the BMs board and make him coffee. He had more than our Signal Squadron had between us. I still maintain that he used his beret to wipe the old minefields off :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: