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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by eye_spy, Nov 1, 2012.

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  1. Hmmmm..............
  2. I totally agree; what a bunch of throbbers ;-)
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  3. I only knew one name, and I always thought him a knob (he thinks the same about me).


    That's it for this post

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  4. Agreed Fraser, and some good blokes missing.
  5. PM Me with the names please young man!
  6. Never mind. I know 4/5. Well done. But as usual fairly safe candidates.
  7. Another interesting curve-ball on the RSIGNALS board?
  8. Golly gosh yes! Had to look at that list properly then. No surprise really, as a transferee he never really wanted to be in The Corps, merely wore the the hat cos he came over in that massive manpower grab of the 90s.
  9. Hearty congratulations to those who were selected, and sincere commiserations to those who weren't. I would have liked to see a bigger board with more names on it, but c'est la vie and hope you have better luck next year.

    For the chosen few - best crack out your LE Handwriting Ruler and swot up on which fork is which :)
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  10. I'm hazarding a wild guess here but I assume the double Queens Medal winner wasn't pre-selected ?
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  11. Dear God, one of the names in particular has just had me howling at the screen in astonishment!
  12. that'll be WO1 Fullmoon then? :)
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  13. Not quite, but I do have to take the time to pass on my special thanks to one of them, who gave me a lovely 'choice' of jobs earlier this year...
  14. Someone do us a favour and PM me the results (could do with a laugh)
  15. Consider yourself PM'd.