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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Belisarius, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. I'm looking to commission (LE) into the Royal Artillery. I'm from another Corps; if anyone could spare some advice (apart from don't do it!!) it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. never say never but the Artillery only commissioned one outsider this year.

    Good luck
  3. Many thanks.
  4. But I wouldnt let that put you off, as a soldier seeking a LE commission in another capbadge you're in a pretty tight demographic. One sounds like a big number to me.
  5. Makes sense, thanks.
  6. It isn't unheard of, but is quite rare. The future QM 3RHA was AGC (SPS). However, given that the vast majority of LEs find themselves as Battery Captains (G4 wizards who command the gun line when deployed on ex/ops), without a firm grounding in what your responsibilities are likely to be, you will struggle hugely.

    In a nutshell, it's not impossible, but your career path would be highly unconventional and limiting.
  7. I say go for it.... there's genrally one or two a year that succeed, and they're top blokes. What have you got to lose by appying and attending the selection process!!
  8. genrally??? did i really type that??
  9. Many thanks for your support.
  10. Not true, if you have an ounce of common sense then you can be a BK. G4 isn't that hard. Chances are you will deploy on ops/ train for ops and the BKs tend not to work at the gun end. In camp, well you can get the advice from the QM/ QM (T) and also from the SMEs in the Bty. You didn't mention which cap badge you were coming from - if you are REME, then G4 will be a piece of pi55.

    The other place you could be employed is as the RCMO, RTO (but probably not for a non-Gunner) or Welfare Officer. So the options are there. If you have been commissioned, then you will be able to do most things the Gunners can throw at you. Good luck and I hope to work with you in the future.

  11. Encouraging response, many thanks.