Commissioning into the ETS

Hello chaps. I have been considering applying for a commission in the regular army and I am attracted to the ETS. I looked for information on the army's official website but there didn't seem to be very much there. Likewise I have also searched this forum but everything was either vague, outdated or the information was private messaged to the original poster. So I was hoping I could find out about the selection process, what a career is like in this branch, promotion prospects etc.

I have just completed an English degree, achieving a first class honours, and I am about to start my MA in English at the end of September for one year. I have been in the TA for 5 years since school. I served a tour of Iraq (infantry role) between school and university, completed a pti course, dit course and I am going down the commissioning route within the TA this year (provided I pass my boards). Is this the type of stuff they are looking for?

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
I have also found the same information here as Aaron88. Most of what I have found has been very interesting..but still unable to answer a lot of my question.

Devexwarrior, can you throw me a PM also?
There have been a couple of changes recently to the process for ETS commissioning, the best advice would be to get in touch with ETS recruiting on 01962 887647. They will be able to advise you based on your specific circumstances.

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