Commissioning into the Aussie Army from UK Army

Hi Guys,

I don't know if this subject has been thrashed to death in this forum already, but I've heard a third hand tale from a man who knew a man who knew a man that it's possible to apply for a Late entry Commission into the Aussie Army as a British WO1! Does anyone know if this is true and where I can find more information on how to do it?

Any help or advice received with gratitude!




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An extract of an enquiry sent in by a colleague of mine to the Soldiers Career Management Agency elicited the following response:-

All Overseas Lateral Transfers to the ARA have been suspended and we are no longer seeking recruitment from overseas applicants.
So it looks like I'll be mostly doing trolley collection in Tescos for my resettlement!

Never mind there's always some cr*p contract work in a desert somewhere!

Have you though about NZ? I went through the process but didnt go in the end. It was very easy and when I did it they had 2 ex Brits who sole job was to recruit Brits for them.
My mate applied to the kiwis, he was a WO1 ASM and they told him the NZDF only had one position in their army at that level, so they didn't really see a position for him...

He's now in Aus as a WO2 and lovin' it!
Pantsoff said:
Have you though about NZ?
Not my first choice of country to settle in, but if I get an easy ride on the squaddie ticket then I'll make some enquiries! Watch this space...

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