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Commissioning into the AGC (SPS)

Can anyone point me in the direction of a definitive list of the required criteria for commissioning into the AGC?

I have heard the rank of both SSgt and Sgt as a minimum, for example.

I'm not able to access DII.
You must have served a minimum of 9 years, or be over 30 years of age whichever is the later. I think these are Army Commissioning rules, not purely AGC. DIN 2011DIN01-017 gives the info if you get onto DII.
Sub Sgt is the minimum rank required for AGC (SPS).

Other than that the AGC is quite unique in that it has teh '3 day event' to assess its LEs.
Not totally unique as the Royal Engineers have been having 3 day assessments at Minley Manor years before the AGC was formed.

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