Commissioning into R Sigs

If, for example, I were a full screw in a different corps applying for a commission would the R Sigs be the way ahead, bearing in mind that I am a signals instructor in my current corps?

A heads up on life in the scaleys, from a Ruperts point of view, would be nice too. :D
I wouldnt make the decision to come to the Corps based purely on being a Sigs instructor (although i'm sure you wouldnt). It would be a big decision and you would need to take all the advice you can get.

Are you near a Sigs unit where you could go for some advice, or go for an informal visit before you make a decision?

The Corps is crying out for good officers, and we do get some, but we also get a fair spattering of people who "made the wrong decision".

There are great futures available in the Corps, and i hope some of the Officers i know frequent this board will be able to help further. Good luck mate.

plenty of threads about Sigs officers on this board
read them and make up your own mind
though it would be nice to have an officer who could use sigs equipment!!
personally, i would highly recommend the corps for you, particularly if you have a head for comms.

plus points for the corps:

good variety - can any other corps match the wealth of options - EW, SF, Bde Sig Sqns, Div Regts :( , SATCOM etc etc

if you've got a technical mind, you'll outshine all those who suddenly hit capt and realise they're in the wrong corps but can't be arsed to do anything about it

intelligent blokes who are a pleasure to work with

a high-level view of the services form an early age - probably doesnt seem important but just wait until you hit staff college and you already understand how a bde / div hq works...

one point though - rememebr that it isn't a promotion but a different career (ask an LE!). life as an offr, much as though we dislike the fact, is as a staff offr not at regt duty. your career is behind a desk so get used to it. if you are a pot offr, chances are you are at the top of your stream and will have a great career ahead of you, particularly if you are in a corps and can choose a specialist niche. make sure you want to give that up. you will be competing at a totally different level. don't mean to put you off...
749 were you dropped on your head as a baby or are you just naturally bad tempered, petulant and negative? How many poor bloody young Signals officers have had to put up with your prejudice and chip on the shoulder attitude over the years :?:

If you think that young officers are getting it wrong then become part of the solution and help them in their development. One day they will be Sqn Comds and COs and you will still have to live with them if they havn't moved on it will be partly your fault :wink:
As an ex Sigs Instructor myself, I'd definitley go with boney_m's (& others) advice.

Your normal troopie doesn't get as much hands on as your RSO would (hence 749's comments), equipment/trade etc is normally left to the TOT or Traffic Officers (these are normaly commisioned FoS/YoS's).
PB this is my point young officers should be encouraged partivcularly in their first tours to be hands on, though being hands on is not what their primary role is and you must remember that. What they must have though is an understanding of the difficulties and time lines associated with operating eqipments building systems and dealing with engineering logjams. A young officer's training continues in his first unit. You do not get a fully fledged Tp Comd from Blandford you get someone who has been shown the toolkit and how to use it and the licnce to use it.

How good a driver were you on the day you passed your driving test? :roll:

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