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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by dubber, Jul 4, 2013.

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  2. If you are going on a DE commission, I am pretty much sure you start at the bottom again.
  3. Things may have changed, this information is from 20 years ago, but I stayed on my OR rate of pay right through Sandhurst as an OCdt was paid less.
  4. Ditto
  5. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Don't worry about your pay. JSP 754 Chap 5 Sect 3 refers:

    Pay During Initial Officer Training

    05.0305. Serving non-commissioned personnel undergoing initial officer
    training (IOT) will continue to receive pay at the rate appropriate to their
    substantive rank until commissioned1. An individual in receipt of paid acting
    rank for a minimum period of 35 days immediately prior to starting IOT may
    retain this higher rate of pay whilst undergoing IOT. Individuals are eligible to
    receive any increments of pay that become due during this period. Individuals
    are then assimilated onto the appropriate officers’ pay spine on the date of

    Pay on Commissioning

    05.0306. On commissioning2, OCFRs (except those detailed in para
    05.0307) will transition to the main officers’ pay spine and will be allocated to
    an increment level (IL) on the OF1 range based on their:

    a. Officer rank and seniority or, if more favourable;

    b. Basic pay in issue on the day prior to commissioning plus a 5%
    promotion increase; with assimilation to the appropriate IL on a range
    at the nearest pay IL equal to or above the amount so determined.
    Officers will remain at this point as a stand still rate of pay (SSRP),
    where necessary, until their seniority catches up, whereupon normal
    incremental progression will commence. If the 5% increase results in a
    pay level above the rank level in the OF1 range, the resulting amount
    will form a Specially Determined Rate of Pay (SDRP). An officer will
    then remain on this SDRP (subject to the normal annual pay uplift),
    until such time as they are promoted.
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  6. No matter what it is supposed to be, have confidence that the pay staff will completely **** it up and give you a massive pay cut and tell you not to worry as you will get it all back (maybe...... sometime). :-/
  7. To mis-quote an old joke - How much will they pay you? They will pay you what you are worth. It's up to you if you are willing to work for such little money!
  8. Jockparamedic - Glad to see you think the 'pay staff' actually have any input into this ... I assume you are on about your unit 'pay staff'.... when a person is commissioned from the ranks either as DE or LE they are in actual fact discharged from the service and re-enlisted as a commissioned officer ... the 'cock ups' manifest themselves at APC level not unit ... spo please give the guys n girls a break. cheers
  9. Don't worry about it as you won't have time to spend it - look upon it as a savings scheme and if it does get cocked up and you get back later, there is your saving bonus.