commissioning from solider

Discussion in 'Officers' started by bd2203, Jun 12, 2010.

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  1. hello to everyone

    i'm a tradesman in the reme who is currently applying for commissioning as a reme officer.

    i have recently started the application process and the number of interviews but to stay in the reme i will have to study an in service degree.

    so im looking for someone with experience of commission from a junior rank and then going on to do an in service degree and how the army supports you while you're at uni.

    if anyone has any experience of the application process and then doing a in service degree. i would love to hear about your experiences and any horror stories on things i should avoid.

    many thanks
  2. It supports you by putting you through Uni and paying you every month. What more do you need to know? I think the Uni's we use now are Loughborough & Southampton.

    As a 2Lt you will carry out a MSEC(L) course at SEME and SEAE which will give you a heads up of the systems that we have in place at the moment. There will be some flexibility given to people from the ranks as to exactly what they have to learn but I would advise you to do as much as possible.

    Then on to a REME Bn as a 2Lt and after a year or so you'll go off to Uni. Hopefully, if you have a recommendation from your OJAR at the Bn you will be able to leave Uni as a Captain.

    I couldn't tell you what YO courses you'll have to do in the Corps after leaving Sandhurst but no doubt someone else could help.

    You could also speak to SO2 Off Recruiting at HQ (I believe its a Maj who's surname is also a European Capital), no doubt he will have plenty of words of wisdom for you
  3. thanks for the advice. i've been reading up on as information as i can find on the intrenet but alot of it is well hidden so i'll keep digging.
    thanks for the tip on SO2 Off Recruiting. i think i may give him a call at some point this week.

  4. BD2203,

    This forum is littered with info on commissioning from a junior soldier, I know having commented on most of them.

    At this stage of the game you should not be looking at a particular capbadge, more just trying to get over the many hurdles... not least RMAS. The hardest thing about commissioning from a junior soldier, in my humble opinion, is getting to Sandhurst. I say that having gone from Guardsman, straight into Sandhurst.

    You start RMAS as a blank space, that is to say you have no affilliation to whatever capbadge you were before. You may well choose to rejoin your old capbadge and generally they will accommodate but dont go planning on it just yet.

    The REME accepted a serving soldier into them in my intake who did not have the preequisite engineering degree, they then put him through an in-service degree but I am unsure as to whether this happened immediately or after his forst tour as a troop commander (as is the case with all other in service degrees).

    The in service degree has to be picked from a particular list so it is appropriate and beneficial to the Army. you will go on a full time course on full pay at a choice of one of a limited universities (Southampton is definitely one, I think Newcastle is the other).

    There is a penalty if you resign earlier than 3 (willing to be corrected on duration) years after your degree course, that penalty is simply that you have to pay your uni fees back to the Army. Your seniority also marks time for the duration of the cse.

    Good luck with it but I suspect you can get all the answers you need by asking OC LAD.
  5. Probably worth brushing up on your written work judging from the hash that you opened with.

    General sentence construction.
  6. One of the important things I would recommend is proof reading everything before you hit send/enter. That's a subtle hint
  7. This is probably the best place to ask this, rather than starting a new thread.

    How does the "6/12 month wait" response from PreAOSB/AOSB play out for Serving Soldier candidates? Do serving soldiers tend not to get this response, i.e. do we usually get a yes/development course/no or is it exactly the same as for a civilian candidate? Further on that, if the 6/12 month wait is the verdict received (rather than PODC/Pre RMAS), do the CofC entertain this, especially owing to operational commitments?

    Thanks for any help clearing this up.
  8. I don't know, from the standard of work I have seen submitted by the average 2Lt/Lt/Capt, I would say he is about on par.
  9. Touche.
  10. Honestly, I know a good few soldiers who went to the dark side in and around the same time as me and I have yet to hear of a 6/12 month deferral.

    In my experience, soldiers get a Cat 1 pass (go to next stage) or they get put on the development cse (PODC/PRMAS) to brush them up to speed inbetween boards.

    I would also suggest that if you do get a 6-12 month deferral you will go back to the Regtl imperative in as much as you will have to resubmit at a later date but in the meantime you are a serving soldier and operational commitments would be your priority.

    your best bet is to put in enough graft to ensure you get caught in the AOSB/PODC/PRMAS mill before going to Sandhurst.

    Just a couple of thoughts there.
  11. Thanks for those points.

    A few more questions, I've done a search (inc. DII) and am yet to come up with the sort of things a DE candidate puts on the (as yet elusive) AOSB CV? In effect, what do I need to translate my regular service into to answer the questions?

    Also, what is the best way of brokering this idea with a CO? I appreciate my Unit and Company OCs will shoulder a distinct proportion of this initially, although at some point I'm going to be asked why I think I would be more than competent? Are they going to be looking for a particular answer or will each CO differ? I think that reeling off the qualities of officership as found on the Sandhurst website may not quite cut it.
  12. A word of warning on this one Notaspartan.

    I recieved and filled in my AOSB CV in the middle of the Omani desert on Ex SAIF SARREIA 2.
    I filled it in and spent about 2 days re-reading it to make sure I hadn't missed anything and it made sense. After reading it for about the 6th time I decided it looked quite empty. I had nothing to put in College A-Levels, nothing to put in the University and post nominals section, I had no previous work experience than the Army and struggled to come up with anything to put in the boxes which read 'groups and societys/extra curricular activities'.

    I did my best to steer well clear of putting in things like, socialising and 'getting bladdered with mates'. unfortunately, by the time I had missed all this stuff out I had almost nothing to put.

    And here comes the crux of it, I started getting artistic with the truth. I decided a setreotypical Officer would like to do stuff like hillwalking, going to art galleries and spending time at the theatre and opera so.... I wrote them down.

    Roll on 4 months and, during the main board, I will never forget the feeling of fear when the instructors stated this:

    "Ok, now onto presentations, under your chairs in the next room you will find a list of topics drawn from your CV, you will have 15 minutes to prep a 10 minute presentation to the rest of the syndicate"

    You guessed it, my subjects were:

    The joys of hillwalking.
    My favorite Art Gallery.
    Why I enjoy the Opera.
    Why I enjoy boxing.

    The arse dropped out of my world when I read the first 3, luckily as an ex Combined Services boxer I had 1 gem in there.

    I guess the moral of this story is, dont talk out of your hoop. Be content with who you are and what you have done. Think about what you put down. There are plenty of things you do and have an interest in aside from going on the smash, just think about it.