Commissioner plan after Deepcut

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Jun 13, 2006.

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  1. I hope I've not been a biff and missed someone else posting this, but it seemed rather a significant piece of news.

    Also, if Hackle et al are able to respond, would the BAFF be interested in knowing the number and basic detail of complaints made to the Ombudsman and then monitor the official response to those complaints?
  2. Quelle surprise..

    Still, the fact that they have announced that the commissioner will be outside the chain of command without anyone claiming that the sky will fall in is refreshing, but the Commissioner's limited powers may mean that some sort of accommodation has been reached. And, of course, it remains to be seen who will be appointed.
  3. Lets hope the Commissioner will not be Sir Ian Blair!!!!
  4. Well he's going to have to find a job somewhere soon...
  5. Lets hope that the surname Blair is forgotten about in any form of public service (unless of course you dear reader are called Blair and are not a senior policeman or PM)
  6. I note someting of an obvious error here? :

    The service complaints commissioner, who will not be a military figure or a civil servant, will have access to the military chain of command and to ministers, Adam Ingram, the armed forces minister, told the Commons.

    If he/she is neither a military figure nor a civil servant - who will pay te lucky person selected - whoever pays them controls them!!??
  7. Maybe it will be like Ofcom, known as Ofmil or something. The Office of the Military Regulator!