Commissioned Transfer from RAF? Could i do it?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by spotrep, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. If (for argument's sake, you understand)...
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  2. Your not a LE though are u, doesn't exist in the 'modern' RAF (or have the rules changed).

    Also Capt at 33 does sound rather long in the tooth, although LE at 36 doesn't sound bad.
  3. Anyway, as for being able to transfer - I would suggest that it will depend entirely on who you are hoping to join and their recruiting/retention figures?
  4. I knew a Capt in the RA that went the other way with little hassle

    Did it becuase his missus was in the RAF and he was under the thumb
  5. That's a very gay pose there Tiger.
  6. Well you look like you've had a few 'direct entries'.

    Stay where you are mate.
  7. I can only assume that you're not cutting it in the RAF.
  8. We've enough Officers of questionable character in the Army as it is without taking on the dregs of the RAF. If you were looking for an easier time, you (and we) are better off where you are.

    Why haven't you asked your own Admin people how to go about it? Hedging your bets? Slight character flaw?

    Stay where you are mate. We don't need you.
  9. What do I want to check my PM for. Some abuse from a washed up Crab hoping to redeem his flagging career. I'll get round to deleting it without reading it.
  10. jesus. i can only assume we've met! either that, or it's the high-rate flying pay i'm prepared to give up in order to have some sort of challenge for a change. seriously, mate, if you REALLY feel the need to work through whatever issues you have by abusing me, do it via PM. i am actually trying to get some decent info here.
  11. Are you going to tell us who you are thinking of applying to join? People might then be able to offer some useful information, such as - "don't bother applying we have too many majors etc" or "yes - we are really short of senior captains/majors and are always looking for new blood". Without some more relevant information, this thread is probably not going to yield anything useful - unless you secretly like being abused by Biscuits!?
  12. i take it from that each corps / regt is treated as an individual entity as far as entry is concerned? if that's the case, then i'm considering AAC or possibly Int. (cue further abuse) to be honest, it's a bit of an undeveloped idea at the moment; i was really hoping to get in touch with someone who'd done something similar fairly recently, and see what happened to them as far as transfer of pension, seniority, the point at which they entered the JO career progression ladder, etc, was concerned. i was a TA soldier a long time ago before i joined the RAF, so any knowledge i once had of the Army system is clearly redundant (unless you progress at the same evolutionary rate as the air force!) i'm really not that arsed about staying flying, so Int Corps would probably be top of the interest list at the moment. hey, call it an early mid-life crisis. anyway, thanks for a reply that didn't contain either what i'm guessing is jealousy-motivated irrational hatred OR the subliminal threat of buggery. nice one.
  13. Spotrep - as Dommy bloke states, without the detail it's a little tricky to provide targeted advice, but here goes.

    In theory, there is nothing to stop you effectively resigning your RAF commision and joining the Army. Clearly, this process is seamless. However, it all depends on:

    1. Are you 'in zone' to sustain an effective career in your new Arm or Service? The RAF have no issues with allowing people to remain at your rank for the whole of their career, but we don't. Although your existing 'status' as an LE (in our terms) would actually mean very little to the Army, you need to consider whether you are appropriately qualified and experienced enough to potentially transfer and get promoted to Major within 12 months or so. This is because as a VT, you would be on ATOS, not LTOS, and therefore the system will seek to promote you to If successful, look to be loaded onto ICSC(L) in fairly short order, assuming you meed the profile.

    2. Does your choice of Arm or Service have any slots? There are only 3 'spare' Majors in the Army, and no spare Captains. In practice, although all RD slots should be filled, the reality of life is that operations, other commitments, injury and life itself all conspire to keep approx 10% of the entire liability 'gapped'. This is why there are loads of acting SO2s cutting about, and gangs of subbies filling Captain's jobs all over the place. Consider your options carefully and play to your strengths. Some capbadges are chronically short - although they won't admit that!

    3. Think about your long-term future. It is unlikely that you will be selected for a Reg C or ACSC (the new one), so even if successful, you'll be on your way after a maximum of 16 years. In pension terms, those 6 years between 49 and 55 amount to a tidy sum. Do you really want to leave the RAF - are you certain that Wg Cdr is beyond your grasp?

    Anyway, just some thoughts.
  14. I doubt we've met and high rate flying pay doesn't make you a good officer. I note you were trawling around the Int Corps board. I didn't know that we had undercover pilots.

    Which brings me back to my point......why haven't you asked your own people about the procedure?

    I am 'issues' free mate. I doubt you are and that's why you are 'bailing out' ..pardon the pun...from the RAF.
  15. i think someone needs a hug.