Passed briefing but have now been told by my that i am to old at the ripe old age of 38 (battalion will not give me an age waiver) to go to MB for a commision in the TA. I have been a jnr for a number of years and have also carried out phase 2 training at my local RTC. Any idea how i can proceed if any ? To far down the food chain for an LE and too old to go the normal route so you can see my problem. My professional qualification are to Msc standard and only in advice and guidance so the prof route is not likely. any thoughts

Soldier on.

38 really is too old for the infantry but there are other units which may take you, if you want serve as an officer rather than as an infantryman.

Try the RLC. They commissioned a TAPO at 39 last year. If you don't have a unit near you, 5 Trg Regt RLC at Grantham manage TAPO training for national RLC units and they would certainly be interested in talking to you.

PM me if you want to be put in touch with the officer responsible.
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