Commission to OR?

Hi guys,

Bone question time, but I'm going to defer to your superior knowlege on this. As a few of you know I was a cadet instructor for a couple of years (I've been cured of the insanity now). One of my lads (I was ATC) went to Crantanamo, graduated and started his JROC course... first time round he managed to balls up on Longcuff. Second time round he passed Longcuff, but something went norks skywards somewhere and he was binned. He put in for reselection, but due to lack of jobs, he's currently going through the discharge process. We've kept in touch since he joined (I was invited to his grad parade, and no I didnt walt it by going in no1's) and he's told me his new career move is to apply to the army either as Int or Signals, but non-commissioned service. This set me thinking.... I know you can be commissioned from the ranks, but could you do the reverse?? My instinct says no, but then that is based on a mere 5 years in the TA, so I could be wrong. Has anyone heard of this being done? would he not be told to commission??

Over to you.. and many thanks in advance!

Lets hope thats the case... think the poor lad's had his cornflakes pi$$ed on more than enough!!! I agree he would do exceptionally well in a Corps.... he's a switched on cookie.... after my 18 months Royal Sigs (before switching to medic) I would love him to go scaley, but I think he's more suited to int....

Thanks for your help
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