Commission of an ACF Officer? - how are they classed?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by lordmonty, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Can an Army Officer Cadet Commissioned Officer style themselves as 'A Commissioned Officer in the British Army?'
  2. they are commsiioned officers of the Army Cadet Force, they hold a TA commision list B, TA on active service hold TA list A commission.
    both are saluted, it is the commission you are saluting not the man.

    they have different responsibilities, there is no crossover.
  3. I'm getting so many mixed messages about this one.

    Can an ACF Officer style themselves as, '...a Commissioned Officer in the British Army' in the same way that a TA Officer is able to?
  4. Style..........?

    What like pink trousers etc and green shirt?
  5. I believe the issue was about getting a list of courses rather than your issue?
  6. No they have to be distinctive and wear a cravat and smoke a cigarette with a filter.
  7. Sigh, here we go again. Notwithstanding the fact that ACF officers do a slightly different Westbury, don't do Sandhurst and are geared towards being a youth leader they do indeed hold a TA (Group B) Commission.

    When that is published in the London Gazette they are notified as for service with the ACF - note the distinction - they are serving "with" the ACF rather than being "in" the ACF. They are of course in reality firmly "in" the ACF and extremely unlikely to ever serve anywhere else.

    So the answer is really yes, despite all the "carboard cutout" comments and the like they are indeed a TA officer, albeit in the loosest possible sense.

    An additional point worthy of note is that within the ACF all ranks above Lt are acting, substantive officer rank is limited to Lt with the exception of those serving on dual commission where their Group A rank is substantive whatever they may be and which takes precedence.

    As for "styling" oneself, now that would be another matter.
  8. Monty

    Are you ACF??

    If so, keep quiet - shhhhhhh

    If not - who gives a flying fcuk!!!!
  9. Good point, well made and far more to the point than my reply. :lol:
  10. In my humble opinion

    How ACF officers style themselves is really down to them at the end of the day ,they hold the Queens commission and should act in a manner befitting that ...
    On the other hand there is no need to go ramming it down the neck of every serving soldier they meet.
    Should they wish to walk around ramming the "I am an officer chapter and verse "down soldiers necks then they will invariably come unstuck as would most of their regular and TA list A counterparts if they did the same

    I for one am lucky enough to be co located with a TA unit whose officers ,soldiers and SPSI/PSI's have always been more than proffessional in their approach to the ACF and its staff ie rank in public ,first names in cases in private.

    This is largely attributed to the fact that that all the SNCO/Commissioned ACF staff on site are ex regular soldiers with the shortest length of service being 10 years and know how to act in relation to their rank and hold no hang ups with it.
    I have heard of lots of cases of ACF Officers coming unstuck in their attitude towards serving soldiers and have found that
    Bad attitude within ACF officer + Mis informed soldier = trouble
    Unfortunatley even with only a 35% average pass rate at AOSB the odd throbbers are still managing to get commissioned for service with the ACF.

    Pimp out
  11. 35%?

    Wow, that's much lower than I would have thought.
  12. You're a little man aren't you? And most likely in every sense of the word as well.
  13. yep only 35% passing the AOSB for service with the ACF .................
    allthough you wouldn't think it sometimes ..........

    Biscuits AB good to see you have resumed your hat baiting persecution of poor old semper ..............

    LOL I do love continuity..............
  14. yep static line pimp, I noticed the baiting and not bothered the slightest :)

    a 35% pass rate is not good, what are the main reasons for failure ?
    quite shocking really.

    Is it lack of preparation ? bad attitude ? poor selection of Potential Officers by County ? if the cause is addressed then the pass rate should improve.

    I have considered putting in for an ACF commission, the main reason being it can open a few doors for the benefit of Cadets, the rest of course is up to me particularly in building up a good working relationship with the TA for the mutual benefit of Cadets and the TA, however before I go I will want to put as much preparation as I can for it, after all "Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance" holds true here.

    I have observed a Planex in action last Saturday and have found it very interesting and useful learning experience, I have since gone through various scenarios in my head and the possible outcomes, time , fuel, routes etc and did find it stimulating expecially for passing the time on the boring Motorway I have to drive for my job
  15. Semper,

    Thanks for your previous 'sensible' postings.
    I passed the AOSB (TA) and although there's differences between all of the various AOSB's at Wetsbury there can only ever be one reason why people don't pass the selection board. I don't care what anyone says about personailyt profiles not fitting, etc or not 'born to lead'........load of rubbish. I am Chartered in HR and an experienced assessor. All assessment centres are the same in's just the Core Competencies that are different & knowing exactly what buttons to press and at what time.......'PM' me & i'll provide you with all the assistance i can. Cheers.