Commission in the Guards

I am in the process of applying for a commission (I have my AOSB briefing in 2 weeks) and I am wondering which Regiment to go for.
My initial thought was either the Grenadier or Coldstream Guards but I have been talking to a couple of people who have said that you can't really go into a Guards Regiment without having some kind of private income. Is this the case? My ACA didn't mention this when I met him.

Are there any Guards Officers who do not have a private income and is it possible to survive (uniforms, mess fees etc.) without one?
Been done before
The answer to that depends on who you ask on here. This question has been done before so have a look for that thread as well.
There are threads. Fact of the matter is that I have a couple of friends who are subbies in the guards and they seem to cope fine without any private income. Admittedly they aren't rolling in excess cash, but who is these days?
This knackers about private incomes (and the other old chestnut load of knackers about inheriting Daddy's legacy) constantly crops up.

Both are complete knackers........ I say again, both are complete knackers. The people you have spoken to are fools. They know nothing of The Guards, but they think they do.
Not this one again!

In short no requirement for a private income. Yes you will be selected for a commission/offered sponsorship if the Regt/Bn likes you and you like it (bank balances are not examined as part of this process!)


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Please, please, please use the search function before you post. This comes round every other month and the answer is always the same.
I´m always delighted to help out on these occassions. Contrary to popular myth, yes you do need a private income if you don´t want to starve as a Guards Officer, so save yourself a lot of bother and join the Mercians.