Commission after 22 years?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Peaches, May 6, 2006.

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  1. My husband will soon have completed his 22 years and is now talking about going for a commission. This has raised a few questions for me which I hope someone on here can answer.

    Assuming he gets his commission -

    How long would he have to stay in for?

    Where is he likely to be posted? Currently in Germany (though I am in the UK)

    Would he stay in the same unit? Currently Infantry

    Would he still be sent on operations or would it be more of a trainer/or desk job role? Currently Mor Pl

    I would ask him but he is playing in the sand at the moment.

    Any other info would be helpful :)

  2. To answer your questions in order

    1. Initially 5 years.
    2. Depends on what Regt/Corps he commissions in to.
    3. See above.
    4. Both.

    Hope this helps
  3. Thanks for your quick reply.

    So in other words life would be very much the same as it is now? 7 month tours every other year and only home at weekends if he is lucky?

    Or is it more likely to be like civvie street in that he would be around more often?

    Just trying to decide which would be the best option for us, a commission or to leave at 22.
  4. Sorry drain_sniffer, got your facts wrong. SSC(LE) is a 6 year commission. Peaches your husband needs to consider some other factors. If he is at or through his 22 year point when he commissions he will lose 3 years of his pension, assuming he commenced his soldier service at 18. Officers commence pensionable service at 21, he will not get this back. If he resigns his commission before serving at least two years he will have to hand back his clothing allowance. He will also leave with a WO1's pension not a Capts.

    After two years he will board for SRC, if he is successful he will serve till his 50th birthday. After 5 years he will then board for Major. It sounds as if he is above the average age for LE commissioning(speculation), however if he is older than 40 on LE commissioning then he will be tight for time to convert to Reg C. If he does convert however, then he can serve until he is 55. Note that this is correct as at the time of writing, but there are moves afoot to give all LE offrs an SRC in order to stop some of them (LE Crisis??) leaving earlier because they have a better offer.

    He is liable for all Operational tours, I know, I'm on my third in 6 years of LE service. The days of LE officers putting a couple of hours in during the morning and hitting the golf clubs are long gone, you work bloody hard for what they pay.

    I'm in my 6th year of LE service and although I've enjoyed it, if I had my time again, I would've left as a WO1.
  5. Thank you ArseyMO. He will be 40 when he reaches 22 years (joined when he was 17), so far done 20 years.

    We have been together 6 years and all that time has been unaccompanied (I am a scientist so not easy to move with my job). Want to start a family before I am 35, just sold my house and brought a family home together and don't really fancy carrying on living apart so I guess from my side of things it would be better for him to leave at 22 years.

    Thank you again for the information, he seemed to think that if he got his commission he wouldn't stay in an infantry regiment but would be posted to the medics or similar, and that it would mean he would be around more but by the sound of it life would be just the same as it is now.
  6. Peaches. Sorry to go on a bit more - it means that he is applying for a commission in another corps, not his own. I've no idea what the work load of an LE in a medical regiment might be, but judging by the pressure on medics generally he's quite liable to end up in the sand in short order. Someone from that cap-badge might be able to shed more light.
  7. Peaches - if he is not a WO1 in the Infantry he stands virtually no chance of gaining an SSC(LE) so he is likely to commission into the AAC, RAMC or AGC in which case postings, Op tours etc will be very different from what you are both used to. Also, and I have to admit I am no expert, if he changed his pension to the new scheme it is likely that ArseyMO's info/advice in that area will impact differently on him. How exactly I don't know but he has to find out before he makes his decision.
  8. OK bare with me on this one :lol: haven't a clue what half the initals mean and I am probably going to use all the wrong terms here but here goes!

    He told me that only RSM's are allowed to stay in the infantry and therefore he would be posted to a different area of the army. Is this not the case then? Could it mean he could stay in the infantry?

    He is currently C/Sgt possibly being put in for promotion this year.

    Just before he went to Iraq they re-arranged his company (support) and in has been attached to a rifle company the Sgt Major he now works with and the RSM have said that he should put in for his commission which is why he has started to think about it, as before he didn't think he would be able to.

    I guess we have another two years to think about it and a lot could happen in that time but just nice to know all the facts and how this sort of thing works.

    Could someone describe the process for me? Do you choose where you want to go or do you just get put somewhere?
  9. Peaches, a lot depends on when he actually runs out, ie leaves the army. For instance applying for a commission in the AGC or RAMC requires the paperwork to be completed now, he would require the support of his CO. I'm not sure of the timelines but I believe forms are submitted around about now with selection boards running later in the year. If successful the applicants are told around September for commissioning in 2007. All that aside he must have 2 years service left on they day of commissioning and would usually expect to commission on or after 01 April 2007. Therefore his date of leaving the army must be after 01 April 2009.

    His RCMO will have all the forms and the rules, his RAOWO should have the handbook with it all in.
  10. He is due to leave July 2008 so sounds like he would be too late. I hope so as I would rather he left the army but I know the army means a lot to him and leaving is going to be a big change for him so wanted to at least give all options the chance.

    Is there a forum for those retiring from the army as I probably should be pestering them! :lol:

    Just have so many questions about it all and doesn't help that I am miles from the regiment's camp so you have been a great help thank you.
  11. Good question, I don't know - can anyone help?? PS if your man has around two years to go, tell him to start looking after himself and get a decent resettlement plan going, too many of us leave it until it's to late and get thrust out the gate blinking in the sunlight.
  12. Thanks for all the info, managed to speak to my husband this week and told him I had lots of info for him. It is looking like he isn't going to have access to the internet for a while so have just done a cut and paste of it all and sent it via ebluey.

    I may be back with more questions once he has read it!
  13. My dad did 27 and left as a WO1 RSM.

    He thought long and hard and chose to leave and not take the commision he was offered (this was 1977).

    I think he did the right thing as he had a second career outside as a civil servant with very good money and not that much danger as opposed to what he would have faced in the Army.

    Me, I left as a L/Cpl and would do it all agian....well, I have, I rejoined 2 years ago lol....

    A Personal choice Peaches!

    All the best.