Commisioning from the ranks - Pay Query :)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ~REME_VM~, May 14, 2006.

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  2. Your soldier pay should mark time until your officer pay catches up with it. However, you will get 'half seniority' for your time in the ranks - for every year that you have served as a soldier you will get 6 months seniority as an officer. So if you have served 6 years in the ranks you will have 3 years seniority as an officer - the same as most graduates. As a result it will not take long for your pay to start moving again.

    On AFPS75 as an officer your pension starts from the time you were commissioned (including seniority from serving in the ranks) but can not start earlier than age 21. So depending on your age, when you joined etc you might 'lose' a year or two. However, because the pension is a 'final salary' scheme (and you will soon be on a higher salary) you will probably be better off.

    This is what I can recall from the top of my head - any pay gurus please feel free to point out any inaccuracies etc.
  3. Just the pension bit. Although you only get six months seniority for pay purposes for every year spent as a soldier, your pension date depends upon your whole service, not commissioning date.

    Under AFPS 75 any full time service, including soldier service, given from age 21 will count for pension purposes.


    Enlisted as soldier aged 19, commissioned after RMAS aged 25, seniority for pay 2.5 years (ignore the sandhurst year) pension date = 21st birthday.

    Enlisted as soldier aged 22, commissioned afetr RMAS aged 25, seniority for pay 1 year, pension date = original enlistment date.

    For clarity, if you signed on and then had to wait before beginning training, it is your first day of service which counts for pension, not the three weeks you spent pretending to be hard to your maites whilst secretly bricking it and hoping phase 1 training wouldn't find you allocated to the section of some psychotic Cpl the likes of which never got past the sanity screening for Bad Lads Army.