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Discussion in 'ACF' started by themaadone, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys - just a fast one...

    Do officers in the ACF have to go through the ranks or.... can a new AI apply for a commision as a newbie?

    Also.... if an AI has had a med discharge from the regs, does this bar from being an AI?


  2. To my knowledge no, a medical discharge does not prevent you being an AI. I am a diabetic and have been an AI for 14 years. As to holding a commission,you can go for one straight away on being cleared, if you wish to do so and are supported in this. from a medical point with the commission, I am not sure, as it is a TA'B' commission. Hope this helps. Cheers, B.
  3. The cadet force commissioning board can be attended by anyone suitable with crb clearance, the commission itself is a cadet force one and isnt related to TA bands anymore, the cadet force now hold boards which concentrate on planning and team work, fitness isnt really a factor anymore.
    also hope this helps! Troop!
  4. according to the official mag you need to have a years service and to have attended Frimley AI's.

  5. To go for the Cadet Commissioning Board you need to have completed ITC, AI's at Frimley and been to an Annual Camp, as well as being recommended by your County Commandant. This would take at least a year and is designed so that the Officers have at least a small amount of experience before they take charge.

    If you have been an Officer in the Regular / TA this is different as you do not need to attend a Cadet Board.

    As for fitness / health. There is no fitness test on the Cadet Board, however there are a lot of physical command tasks and it does help if you are able to participate fully in these. The medical standard is the same as an adult instructor - so not a high standard - as long as you can walk, you're probably ok.
  6. Well now....a mate of mine that I convinced to join the ACF as an AI about 9 months ago was declared an UO within a month and has been told that he will be attending the October commisioning board. He has NOT been on either the ITC or AI's course and has been cheerfuly told not to worry about it.

    So the ususal "different county, different rule" seems to in play as usual.
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Same as what happened to a mate of mine.He done his ITC with me & on the next camp he was a UO. He was a school teacher as was the current OC & it seems that if you are a teacher you're quids in to become a officer.Funnily enough,all teachers I know in the ACF are officers.....
  8. i personally think every AI should spend a few years learning the ropes on being an Adult Instructor before going for a commission, so that he will gained enough experience on how to run a camp etc

    as i have found, each camp is different, no two camps operates quite the same way, different personalities comes into play during camp and man managment skills is needed.
  9. The requirements for an ACF Commision are clearly specified in the ACF Manual.
    For a candidate who has previously held a commision, they are eligible for direct appointment to a TA GL Sect B commision as a Lieutenant.
    Those without any previously held commissioned service are expected to complete at least one year's service as an AI and not less than 5 days at a cadet camp. Those AIs with previous relevant military service only have to complete induction training before attending a CFCB, however they must attend the ITC and/or AI or KGVI within 3 years of joining the ACF. AIs without any previous military service have to attend ITC and AI course before attending a CFCB.
    Doctors, Chaplins and PR Officers are subject to different procedures.
    Everyone of course must be CRB cleared first and meet the 'standard' ACF medical and nationality requirements.

    PS None ofthe officers in our county are teachers!
  10. An interesting one - UO's are made at the discretion of County Commandants, so therefore a PI can be 'appointed' as a UO. Don't get me started on my personal opinions about this! However, now that CFCB has been brought in, it should get rid of different county rules. I would hope that anyone who has not done an ITC etc will be told where to go on the CFCB, as they will have no knowledge of cadets.

    If he does get through - what can he do. How can he be in a position of command when he is not qualified to teach unsupervised, conduct weapons checks, NSPs, Plan an exercise etc.

    If he's a friend of yours then I'd have a chat with him and suggest gently that he defers himself. He will have more respect from staff and cadets if he does a few years in the Sgts mess, learning about cadets first, and it will mean he does a better job when he eventually goes foreward for a commission.