Commision to stick on my wall

Something I never got round to looking at when I was in, nor in the 6 years since I left, but I never got a copy of my commission - that big bit of signed paper to stick on the wall. Anyone know how I can go abouts getting a hold of it?
I've known someone get their's belatedly - it took them about 6-months after the request. After five years I haven't got mine yet :(
If you put a written request to your former Adjt (or his successor as it may be now) you should be able to get a copy.
Would you really want it though? It'll now have the signature of that sleaze bag Reid.
Hmm - hadn't thought of that. Mind you if I had got it done at the time it would either be Tom King (I can live with that) or Malcolm Rifkind (they changed over about a week after I left the Factory). Still, it would give me something to look at when I am on the bog.

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