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Discussion in 'Officers' started by dinger4681, May 30, 2008.

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  1. Was after the guidlines for attending Sandhurst from being a LSgt (Full Corporal).
    My main query is whether I would have to complete the whole course as I'm qualified to teach half of what I'll be taught (SAA,tactics and drill etc).
    By the time I go I'll will have been in for at least 7 years and will be a full Sgt.
    Many Thanks
  2. Yes you will. You will probably also have the enormous pleasure of being nominated to 'help' a few of the less able beings along as well.

    Why have you left it so late to jump ship?

    I expect you will particularly enjoy the first few weeks of merriment.

    Good luck.

  3. Yes - full course for you I'm afraid. I'd stay where you are and look at commissioning in a few years. Lots of people commission into the AGC from CSgt and above.

    Why do you want to commission anyway? Sounds like you are doing alright where you are.
  4. Why does anyone want a commission? Are you suggesting that only those who "aren't doing alright where they are" should apply for a commission?

    Surely the thought of remaining to CSgt and then applying for a commssion in the AGC, is reason enough to want to go now! :D
  5. What he said mate, plus you will be expected to teach extra curricular ironing,bulling, swabbing, drill etc. Good luck, but why? you seem to be doing fine as it is.
  6. I was in almost exactly the same position as you some years ago so if you need some more assistance please feel free to PM me.

    You'll do the whole course. You'll look after the numpties and foreign royalty. The highest standards are expected of you, and then some. However, you will get an easier time from your DS if you play the game. Unfortunately, a tiny tiny minority in the DS will be out to fcuk you over from Day One: good news is that you will spot them coming from miles away. "How dare you aspire to be an officer" - yes, they exist! If you're married, for God's sake, don't shag around: you'll be crucified if caught.

    All in all, it's a hoot: easily the best year I've had in the Army. Loads of kit, resources, ammo, training is superb and you'll learn something, definitely in the second and third terms. Forget that you 'know it all' and just apply yourself to playing the game and helping out in your Platoon after hours and you'll sail through.

    Good luck mate. :D
  7. Well said Proximo sound advice
  8. Sounds to me fella like you're doing v. well to be a Sgt after 7 years. You sure you're not a REME Tech? :D Go for it, if you've half a mind for it, you'll regret it if you don't do it1 Best of luck :wink:
  9. Not unless the REME have suddenly joined the 'made up rank names' world of LSgts / CoH's, SCMs etc etc
  10. Proximo, at what stage (if any) did you start feeling you no longer had an advantage? I found much of III Class (RMC in Aus) to be, well, not quite 'tick'n'flick', but not at all challenging. I now find (a few weeks from the end) that I have few or no advantages over my peers who had no prior service.

    The only other slight advantage, which I wouldn't overstate, is some maturity due solely to age. The flip side is my colleagues' raw, youthful fitness and energy!

  11. We had one groundie from the AAC go to RMAS and was basically told the same as above. He (at the end of the course, not the start :) ) said that in retrospect it was the best compliment paid to him.

    Ran into him as an occifer some time later at a visit to another regiment and he was doing brillliantly. If you think that this is where your career progression lies, go for it and fcuk everyone elses opinion.
  12. I went for it at the very last moment (had completed nearly 10 years service as a chef).
    You will have to complete the PODs cse at Worthy Down for 3 months prior to entry to RMAS. You will be expected to help others who wouldn't have had any experience at all, compared with what you have done.

    Go for it, you will enjoy it, and as already said, if you don't you will regret it.
    PM if you want for more info.
  13. The REME use their rank structure when workking withing the HDiv: yes, it's baffling but there you go. In fact, having said that, I'm certain that one of the Bns doesn't do that - part and parcel of the British Army! :D

    Timmy: pretty much halfway through the second term when we moved up to Company tactics and the academic stuff started kicking in. It became all about being a much more balanced individual, not just some bloke who can polish boots, dig trenches and run fast.

    You won't 'have to'. It depends on your pass category at Westbury. You are still able to route straight through to RMAS on a Cat 1 pass; a Cat 2 will see you attending either POD (if you're education has been a little lacking (I did POD!)), or PRMS (coloq. PRAMS) if you've got the noggin but need some more rounding off. Both are jolly good, but neither is a certainty.

    In my intake, we had 16 soldier entrants of which 9 did my POD, 4 did the previous POD, 1 came from the Y List having previously done POD, and 2 came straight in on a Cat 1: both were REME.
  14. How common is it for soldier entrants who go to RMAS to be commissioned into a different regiment or corps from the one they originally served in?
  15. I know REME haven't made any new rank names :roll: I was merely using the analogy that REME Techs get promoted quickly. The guy is obviously a 'flier' to be a Sgt in the guards after 7 yrs. Sorry for any confusion :wink: