commision age limits

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by commander, Oct 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi any one know for certain the age limit for commision in ACF? the offcial web site says "at any time during your ACF career, but my CEO says must be below 50 to be considered, other CEO's say different. Would like to know as last year I was told to apply once I had run a det for a year, not to be told to old is a bit much.

    Incidentaly would the age law come into this? ACAS checked up and said yes they would, intresting maybe.
  2. I was told 50 is the cut off age
  3. thanks for reply if that is the case then the official web site needs to be updated and if so i have been stitched
  4. Not sure 'bout ACF specifically but for a TA commission (direct entry) you must commission on or before your 31st birthday, if my memory serves correctly. For a regular commission, you must commence the commissioning course on or before your 29th birthday. Age related law shouldn't come into it: unlike ACF adult instructors commissioned officers actually hold the Queens Commission, and are members of the Territorial Army (I refer you to their Army number) albeit it with no call-out liability and listed in Group C. It's bad enough in civi street that whenever someone doesn't like something they go whinging to a lawyer, lets not let this creap into the big green machine.

    As an aside, is there value in commissioning older chaps and chapesses if they aren't being commissioned as late entry officers (ie straight to captain - well, for TA that'll be the case from 01 Apr next year). Subalterns are commonly refered to as 'young' officers as they are still learning the job. Would a senior NCO, and an older guy or girl, want to go in that direction rather than climbing the SNCO rank structure, where their rank would more accurately reflec their experience? Just handing out commissions 'cause someone runs a det is one of things about ACF commissions which, I feel, really gets under the skin of TA officers.
  5. Good god man they may be TA cat b or c officers but at the end of the day, what do they do??? Look after kids..... what TA officer wants to do that in their spare time - less harping on about that is what I think - good on them!

    Oh, im regular and have been all my service life... (so no 'TA bites' at me thank you!).
  6. Not sure about the ACF, but I'm an ATC Officer, and I was commissioned into the RAF VR(T) in 2004 at the ripe old age of 53 !

    I hold the Queens Commission just like the regular RAF guys albeit in a different branch.

    And thankyou M & B for your support, I, like many of my colleagues was in the TA as an Officer, but, unfortunately, they no longer require my services as I'm too old (although I still pass the fitness requirements each year) otherwise that's where I'd be.
  7. Offically the limit to be commissioned may be 50, but for once in its life the Army/ACF lives in the real world and realises that to be that prescriptive would loose them some very good and experienced people. It seems to be up to the local Commandant, RFCA and Brigade Commander. However everyone* now has to attend CFCB, although they have 'dumped' the physical stuff that under 35s had to do as part of the TCB. (* ex RSMIs don't, they go for interview).