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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by populus02, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. " Reservists suffer particularly badly, because, unlike regular soldiers, they finish their tour and return to a social environment where there are few people who have had similar experiences and can talk about it."

    Has anyone thought about creating a group for FTRS soldiers. We serve in a diffrent unit for a time, come back to our TA units, often with with more straingers then friends. Expected to soldier like normal, with other people mouthing about how they know what we v gone though. Maybe its about time we have our own group to talk about our experiances and support each other?

    If we can take the punches together, its not soo hard. But being around other servicemen who have had the luck of serving together, and then theres FTRS, we just dont seem to fit in anywhere with anyone.

    We have unique issues that are over looked by units, espically if you are casyvaced. A support network , would only benifit us all.
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  5. Spot on, while Reg Units have, or should have a full support network, any member of the TAVR have to return to their civilain life, the only support they can call on is Chillwell and as yet I have not heard one way or another just how good that is?

    Don't worry even those ex regulars who are discharged, they ONLY have the NONE services the National Health Service at present DON'T have.

    If ytou get no joy then a letter to your MP and copy it to the Defence Select Committee and the Health Select Committee, as well as the SPVA, although don't hold you breath with them!!
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  9. Heres a good existing thread on the subject. I remember when people 1st started posting on it because it was very good and was certainly something that was important to myself. Not that I'm a MOD but we don't need more threads to dilute the shared experience, especially not ones that are so appallingly spelt like above.

    And anyway, it was nice weather this week. Maybe some of you kids should get out and enjoy it.
  10. More than one sensible post is trashed with someone launching in to "squaddy humour". To have a go at this bloke, just because everyone else has is well knobbish.

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    Would make the whoile fukcing site a lot easier to use and maybe more people would use it.
  11. The initial poster of this thread has a good and valid point, WHAT is there for the reservists once they have returned to their 9 to 5 job and living miles away from a unit where there are, or supposed to be all the support to those on their return from Iraq and Afghaistan.

    There are those who are physically able and practially able to post on thyreads such as this, there are many who for very many reasons can't or won't.

    With ALL the potential that a tour in one of the Sand Wars can bring to the individual and his / her family, when the individual is a member of the TAVR, apart from their contact details to Chillwell, DO they have the same In-Service provision for Health albeit Physical or Mental Healthcare as the regulars, or do they have to reply upon the lottery that is the NHS?
  12. Well im not going to get into details but,

    Often is the case, seriouse mental health problems are directed onto the NHS, and over scene by say a senior military doctor who also works in the private health care.
    Evaluations made by the Mental health wing at chilwell or cattrick or at a NHS hospital.

    One other major issue, is when a soldier comes back from a tour, and with a physical or mental injury, when put on the sick at chilwell, do all TA units still know that they still have the responsiblity for that TA soldier? And if they do, do they act on it?

    Home visits to such soldiers from their TA units is good practice if done, but if not done, bad feelings and rejectedness can lead to people leaving.

    Home visits are the responsibliy of the ROSO Officer (usally a captin) his priorites are soldiers over seas too, and might not take the need for home visits in high priority, or even a chat with soldiers retunred from tours.

    Soldiers who are on the sick (please dont take offence to me calling it that) for long periods of time 4-10months, slowy get worse and worse if their is no unit contact.

    Should their be a post made for a NCO or Officer to provide home visits, famly contact and unit contact ( company bar, curry nights, meetings ) just for soldiers who have returned? certainly.

    As said in AlabamaHotPocketer topic link, soldiers doing tours in ones/twos/threes etc dont get medal parades (if the contract ends before one), or a good reception for what they have done.
  13. Theres more to the previous thread than TA soldiers complaining about getting their medals late or through the post. There were posters on there describing in detail what it was like to come back after deploying abroad. In my previous guise I posted on that thread with a good description of some of the previsions put aside for TA soldiers coming to the end of their mobilisation contract. Populus02, are you actually looking for help for yourself or are you asking about what the procedures are?
  14. In-Service Mental Healthcare WAS done by the Priory (PRIVATE) Healthcare clinic, so why not the NHS?

    It is now being done between to PCT's in the West Midlands, so why the change? Or was it that the Priory group ONLY had a 20% success rate, the other 80% were discharged unfit for service and into the NOTHING the NHS has at present!

    Did I mention that the owner of the Priory Group made a MAJOR donation to Labour Party funds . . . . :wink:

    No one with mental health illness, if off work should be or feel isolated, that only adds to the depression and STIGMA of the illness and, making family life very difficult or near impossible, this addson the pressure.

    However, being in the regular, or ex regular is bad enough, it MUST be many times worse for those in the TAVR.
  15. AlabamaHotPocketer,
    Yes i read the topic extensivly, its very good, i think a lot of people should read it, thank you for posting it.
    Im not after help, only to see weather their is already a group or weather a group should be formed. Given the situation's soldiers who volunteer for tours as individuals find them selfs in with-in the TA.

    "No one with mental health illness, if off work should be or feel isolated, that only adds to the depression and STIGMA of the illness and, making family life very difficult or near impossible, this addson the pressure."

    This is true my friend, i wish everyone knew it. Chilwel are very good and very helpful. But our TA battalions also have a big part to play.