Commie Porridge Wog drops the soap for Bubba


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This bloke must have p1ssed on Tony's cornflakes, they've actually chucked the bugger in the chokey !

Tony will lie about fat dipsos chucking their fists about. (Albeit while protected by the DPG and Lab Party bouncers, brave cnut !)

He'll tell porkies to protect screechers and put pressure on the press not to mention the Brazillian ladyboy 'friend.' (Who I still suspect of being one of the barstards who hacked and cracked this site.)

The Glorious Leader will even go straight into Newspeak and turn lies to truth in order to advance the imperial aspirations of the banjo-playing retard currently swinging from a tyre in the Oval Office.

So why on earth won't he keep the Porridge Wog Pyromaniac out of prison ? Is Watson just one of the few that don't have the dirt on the Bliars ?

Reuters said:
Labour peer jailed for setting fire to curtain

A Lord was sentenced to 16 months in jail on Thursday for deliberately setting fire to a curtain in a hotel after a boozy night out in Edinburgh.

Labour peer Mike Watson pleaded guilty to starting the blaze in the early hours of November 12 last year following a ceremony in the Scottish capital to celebrate the Scottish Politician of the Year awards.

During his trial, the court was shown closed circuit television footage of a figure dressed in a kilt, crouching at the base of the curtain which moments later burst into flames.

The figure was shown placing something in his sporran, the pouch which Scots traditionally wear over their kilts. The prosecution alleged it was a box of matches.

Watson's lawyer accepted his client had drunk "more than was wise" on the evening in question.

Experts told the court the blaze caused 4,500 pounds of damage and had endangered lives.

Watson, 56, has since resigned his seat in the Scottish parliament and his post as director of Scottish football club Dundee United.

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