Commerically available equivalents for oil & lubricants?

Discussion in 'REME' started by lori, Aug 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys

    I've got a 1996 Leyland DAF GS truck which I'm taking into Africa on an overland expedition. (

    I've got the army designation codes for the lubricants required for the lorry:

    Engine oil: OMD90
    Engine coolant: AL39
    Gearbox oil: OEP220
    Power steering: OX75
    Bearing grease: XG279

    Can anyone tell me commercially available equivalents please?

    I've got the following... can anyone confirm if this is accurate?

    Engine oil: Ursa 15W-40
    Gearbox oil: 80W-90

  2. I'm not after where to find them, I'm looking for specifications please.
  3. If you quickly register to that site there is a section just for oils and lubricants full of men with beards who will know exactly what you require (because they stock them) ;)
  4. I use **** lube instead of beaded swarfega.

    No wait...I use beaded swarfega instead of **** lube. My fault.
  5. Aha, thanks! :)
  6. I asked the guys at difflock and they weren't able to help! :-(

    Can anyone here give me a hand?
  7. You have not bothered asking on difflock, no wonder they cannot help, you spanner. :)
  8. d'oh! muppet!
  9. I seam to remember in Iraq we used Mobil Delvac as replacement for OMD90

  10. Why not try contacting Leyland Daf Trucks UK and asking for a list of suitable lubricants, I'm sure they'll help.
  11. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    From here

    No idea on the others through.
  12. if all else fails,try millers oils,they do an extensive range of oils,and i'm sure thay can help you.unforunately,i dont do links,am fick ok,well here goes ''
  13. OMD 90
    Lubricating Oil, Engine. Severe duty, diesel, extended service SAE 10W/30.
    To Def Stan 91-113/1
    Use any SAE 10W/30 diesel engine oil

    AL 39
    Antifreeze, inhibited ethanediol.
    To Def Stan 68-127/1.
    Use any bog standard antifreeze.

    OEP 220
    Lubricating oil, gear. Extreme pressure, grade SAE 80W/90
    To Def Stan 91-59/2
    Use any SAE 80W/90 gearbox oil.

    OX 75
    Hydraulic fluid, automatic transmission.
    To GM 6417M: 1998 specification.
    Viscosity at 100C 6.5-9.0 centiStokes
    Viscosity index min 160
    apparent viscosity at -20C 1,500mPas
    apparent viscosity at -40C 20,000mPas
    Flash point 170C

    XG 279
    Grease Automotive and Artillery
    To Def Stan 91-27/2
    Penetration, worked 265-295
    Dropping point (min) 130C
    General purpose lubricant for automotive and artillery applications, operated over the range of minus 54C to plus 105C

    Hope this helps. I may be able to find a book that gives recommended commercially available equivalents if needed.