Commercially available shock absorbers?

Hi chaps

I've got a Leyland DAF GS lorry, and need to replace the shocks.

The front shocks are part no: MXK1203
The rear shocks are part no: MXK1205

Does anyone know of commerically available equivalents?

Does anyone have the shock specs? (ie: open and closed length, length and outer-diameter of the studs, eye diameter and length etc)

Thanks for your help
jarrod248 said:
Are you still in Africa?
Yes, indeed I am!

We've made it down the west coast, and are currently in South Africa preparing for our assault up the east coast! Hence our shocks are buggered, and we're looking to replace them with locally available ones.

If you're interested, have a look at for our blog and photos.
SauceDoctor said:

Give them a bell about the others?
I saw that, but what I'm hoping for is not the MOD Surplus stuff, but an equivalent model made by some commercial shock company. That way I can easily find a South African equivalent.

If not that, then with the shock specs I can find an equivalent one.
jarrod248 said:
What happened to the truck when it was on it's side?
OMG, that was a close call! We were driving through Diawling National Park in Mauritania, heading for the Senegalese border at Diama. It was a sand road, with hard compacted mud on either side. I had one wheel off the road on the mud section (attempting to miss a huge pothole), and had been driving like this for perhaps 300 metres, when suddenly the mud gave way and we sank in to the height of the front wheel!

Pics at the end of this blog entry:

Luckily we knew the Amstardam - Dakar Rally guys were about an hour behind us, and there was a Unimog in the group, so we figured we'd just wait for their imminent arrival and the Unimog would have no issue pulling us out... well - were we mistaken! Eventually, after hours of digging and several aborted attempts, we managed to hitch 3 vehicles (Unimog, Range Rover and Nissan Patrol) and pulling all together, they pulled me out!

That was a close call!

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