Commercial users are not permitted on ARRSE.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ViroBono, Mar 17, 2008.

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    With the exception of the site sponsers, Forces Financial, Corporate posters are not to use this forum. ARRSE is for use by private users only. There is a slight grey area here, and I have no objection to normal private users saying "I work for and.... ".

    The only area of ARRSE that is open to blatent commercial use is the discounts forum, where genuine discounts for service personnel can be offered and discussed.

    With this exception corporate posters will have their accounts suspended and posts removed in the same way as spammers on any other part of the site.

    If there are any breakages of this rule please let me know at

    If you are posting on behalf of a business that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, please ensure that all your posts comply with FSA regulations and ARRSE rules. In particular:

    - personal advice should not be given without a statement of demands and needs; any advice on the forum should therefore be in general terms

    - any advice or opinion must be accompanied by the necessary disclaimers.

    - your signature block should contain the FSA-required company information.

    - advertising is not permitted, except by site sponsors.
  2. Like this?

    Warning may contain nuts :?
  3. And there I was wondering what the Falklands War had to do with finance
  4. Both wrong; it is, of course, this one: FSA

    That's enough FSAs - Ed.