Commercial job opportunities for ex military in the Middle East

Hi guys, I run the defence and telecoms recruitment desk for a recruitment company based in Riyadh and am always looking for ex military or senior police/intel staff for the roles that I have on. I have only just been introduced to this site so will get some of the jobs I have on at the moment up here now, but can always been contacted on Whether it be for advice on opportunities out here, or to send in your CV I would be grateful for any contact. Also please feel free to share this information with anyone you feel it may benefit.

As many of you know the Middle East can be quite a harsh environment both culturally and mentally as it can be a long time away from friends and family, but working in the commercial aspect can provide for both of these as it normally allows the accompaniment of family and schooling allowance, and also accommodation on modern western compounds with like minded individuals. And the best part of it all is that it is TAX FREE.

Here are some of the roles I have on at the moment.

Organisational Development Manager - KSA

A client of mine is looking for an organisational development manager. The person will be dealing with the organisation of members of the army and border guards. It will need someone with military or police experience. You will be in charge of the training and restructuring of my clients external clients staff and being the key link between the two.

It will need someone who has experience working internationally.

Salary is to be discussed and usual ex pat benefits apply

Senior sales opportunities in KSA

Opportunities for senior sales people have just come up based in Riyadh KSA. This is an ordinary sales role and it inst looking for ordinary sales people. You will be pitching and tendering multi million dollar projects to NGO and governmental bodies and will require experience in both the values and the clients. There are two large accounts that will need to be managed so I am looking for two experienced sales representatives that believes there is more to a sale than just commission, and that relationships are key to this.

You will need fantastic rapport building skills, an honest can-do approach, immaculate presentation and go about your role with the utmost professionalism. Impeccable English is a must, and Arabic or German is preferable.

Border, C4 IStar, TETRA and ConOps experience

I would be keen to speak to anyone with IStar,TETRA experience and or ConOps experience with Border background

Roles looking for this experience will be coming up in the Middle East on a more regular occurrence as countries look to protect their borders. Air, land or sea experience wanted.
Having just had a quick look at your website, I noticed if I refer a friend, I will get $500. How come I don't get £500, particularly as Rize Consulting is allegedly the UK's 13th fastest growing company?

There are two reason behind this. As we place people nationally we need to have a standard currency that the majority of our dealings are carried out in. Thus USD. The reason for it being low is that the vast majority of our roles are contract roles and therefore would not be feasible for the sum to be any higher.

The other reason is that Rize UK and Rize consulting are two different entities. To operate a company in the KSA it is beneficial to have a majority share owner who is local as this negates tax. As the Saudi Riyal is pinned to the dollar it is what a lot of our quotes are accounted for in USD. The Saudi arm will now have new international owners and will be changing its name, website and referral fee's to accommodate the defence roles that I have won us.
Well thank you for clearing that up. If you don't mind, I would say that your website needs to be redone. It looks like it has been done by someone using frontpage whilst hungover. A good page does not cost a lot and these days is quite often the first impression that one gets of a company, and when I look at yours, I would quickly move on.
Cabana, as mentioned we are now a completely different entity from Rize and once the name change takes place we will. This has only happened in the last couple of weeks, so once everything is finalised the website will be live, but in the mean time its better to have a website than no website.

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