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Commercial Counter-Walting.

One of the better uniform suppliers in the US is a crowd called "Marlow White." Well, apparently they tracked down a suspect sale of one of their uniforms, got the police involved, and had a look at the uniform as worn.

They then decided to hold a competition, with first prize being a $100 uniform item.


They tallied 55 errors in the uniform. Giving each category of error between 1 and 3 points, they max possible score was 113. The winner, a National Guard officer found a mere 66 points' worth.

They indicate that they will continue to support the outing of new posers.

What You Said About It:

"Who is he, Superman? ... Overall too much stuff, makes him look suspect right away."

"I think this is the worst sewn uniform I have ever seen. Even if I had earned all of those awards and decorations I never would have worn that jacket because it looks like the patches and stripes were sewn on by an infant."

Surely those comments apply to most US uniforms?


P.S Good Anti - Waltfare drills my colonial cousins!

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