Commercial control of Arrse advertising

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bomb-int, Jan 21, 2010.

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  1. I have been advertising on Arrse for a while, both directly and via google.

    Is it fair that Arrse now only allows RVOPS to advertise or do you guys think that this is ok.

    Not worded too well, i.e. do you think that other kit suppliers should be free advertise if they wish to do so?

    On a personnal level, im bitter and twisted about this as i think that Arrse should be impartial and open to all. Not one brand thrown down your necks.
  2. If you put your money where your mouth is I'm sure the COs would gladly allow you to advertise on arrse. You just have to pay them.
  3. Trust me, its not like i have not offered!

    I was told this week that i cant advertise anymore due to an Arrse agreement with RVOPS. i.e RVOPS now have full rights to be the only kit suppler on ARRSE.
  4. This wee trainset here belongs to Good CO and Bad CO. If they want an exclusive agreement with RVOPS (who undoubtably pay a not insubstantial amout of money for the pleasure) then they can have one. Nothing wrong with that is there?
  5. Nothing commercially wrong with it no, but is it what you guys/girls want?

    Do you want one brand shoved down your necks or would you like a choice?
  6. Possible not a good idea to start a campaign against the CO's
  7. Personally, I want the website. The advertising is just... there. I take little notice of it. If I want to buy something, then like most semi-intelligent people, I will search for the best product at the best price. If that's RVOPS then brill, if not, who cares?
  8. Im not starting a campain against anymore, i just want to know if you guys/girls think that this type of change is ok?

    After all, its your forum, no matter who owns it, you are the users :D
  9. I was just about to bang an order in with you for 60 sets of body armour, 4 mosquito nets and one of them things that Sigourney Weaver sits in to shift pallets about and fight aliens with...but I like my macho gear supplied by mustachioed, green vested wearing types, not someone who will cry tears of puerility onto all my gear when they are boxing it up....
  10. I had a look at your website and as much as I tussled with my conscience, and like about 50-odd% of the ex/non services ARRSE membership, I probably couldn't justify Body Armour for my daily commute to the office.

    Like Legs says, It's just there. Personally I find it any advertising annoying, but it's there for the business to succeed and I accept that.
    Lastly, Isn't it an ironic statement, asking us what we want to know about? If we wanted something, the notion that we all frequent the web, you would assume that we would also use it for seeking products that we wanted? I did a google search for 'Covert Body Armour' which is on your site on UK Google and your item I was looking for appeared No 5 on the list after the sponsored links. That's pretty good as a hit, so you should assume, again, that anyone looking for your products would find them as easy as I did. (Personally if it's not on the first page I reword my search, but I'm lazy)

    Incidentally, how much of your business (%) has been generated from advertising on here?
  11. Don't know what you're moaning about!

    Evey time you post, you leave a linky to your business.
    That's free advertising! :D

    If you want to advertise in competition with RVOPS then bung the CO's a thicker brown envelope than you've already offered. Schimples!!! :D

    Personally, I don't care about the advertising policy. I like the site, not the kit that is being sold.
    If I want any of the kit either you or RVOPS is selling, I know where to get it.
  12. My kits available through my advertisements on ARRSE :?

  13. CLASS!!!
  14. Fat_Cav, fair point mate, mabe i should just shut the fcuk up and stop moaning :cry:

    I dont know what % of business i get via ARSE, but in the past its been a good place to showcase my business and to learn what kit you guys/girls are really interested in. (whats hot and whats not etc.)