commerative "Chocolate Box" Medals

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maj_SRH, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. What are your views on commerative medals? There was a great debate about them in the Soldier magazine (Feb07).
  2. If people want to own them, fine, but they should not be worn on any occasion.
  3. Used to work with a walt that did naff all but had all the been there done that stories. He tipped up one Rememberance Day with a "bought from the soldier mag" medal proudly pinned to his scrawny chest. Bless im!

    If the walts keep these medal sellers in business then crack on, but they shouldnt be worn.
  4. commemorative medals such as the jubilee medal are surely acceptable as they also mark a period of service. most of the men i know who are eligible wear them with pride alongside their operational medals
  5. Rather than the jubilee medal, I think the poster is refering to the Soldier mag medals you can buy, such as the "Cold War Victory" medal, only 29.99 or some crap like that. They are made so that people who served but didnt qualify for any kind of medal can have something to wear on Rememberence day.
  6. If the medal is not a fully sanctioned one then no they should not be worn in any circumstance. If the buyer wants to have something to remember a period of service then by all means buy a commemorative medal but if he then chooses to wear stand by for the incoming!!!!
  7. I've had this debate/arguement with my old man for years. He's 82 and has his 5 'service' medals which he earned between 1940-50.

    A few years ago, he decided to buy some of the commemorative jobbies - Voluntary Service (only those who have volunteered can wear it - even if you joined last week?!), some Jordan thingy (which looks like a chocolate coin) and some other piece of tin. I've tried to explain but he won't listen. Apparently it was the 'done thing' at the local RBL and all the old buffers seemed to buy them :pissedoff:

    I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that he's got them and will, on occasion, wear them. But I've also accepted that more than most, he's earned the right to wear a silly bit of tin if it gets him a bit of respect (and a free beer) from a scrote.
  8. I agree with Gixxer750, although I cannot help but have sympathy with GSB's Dad.

    The thing is that the proper function of campaign medals is recognition of the "been there done that" thing. They are decided upon by the chain of command, considering (I would hope) whatever relevant factors need to be considered. Commemorative medals are a commercial venture. Any fecker could produce one. I could flog one for service in the demanding theatre of the West Midlands, or Skegness recruiting office.

    Our official medals heve proliferated over the last, what, 15 years. It is important that they retain their "value" as recognition of something worthwhile. I do agree with proper recognition of the commitment and achievements of our forces - individually and as a fighting force - however I would hate for us to become like the septics, with medals (badges) for crossing the Atlantic etc.

    So-called commemorative medals should never be worn. Those that produce them are, I believe, morally questionable for preying on ex-members of our forces who are justifiably proud of their service and who may feel, in some cases, undervalued by the nation they have served.
  9. Could somebody post pictorial examples of these 'chocolate' medals on here???
    Havn't actually seen any of these and IMHO would be pretty put out to think I could be standing next to someone wearing them on Remembrance Sunday and not even realise..

    Just my opinion.
  10. I notice that one of these baubles is called the 'Beaver Clasp' - doubtless the hard-bitten, knowing types in the LoF refer to it as the 'Sharon Stone'? :mrgreen:

    My coat? Ah, thank you my good man...
  11. Havn't got any, didn't deserve any, won't eBay any, so will never wear any.

    Except with my 49 Para blazer.
  12. I've got a medal for winning a rifle competition at Bisley but I'd hardly wear it on Remembrance day! (Well clearly I wouldn't wear it at all!)
    It's a proper job though - looks the part! Nice prize.
  13. I know a lad who wore one of those Bisley shooting medals on remembrance day. SSM spotted it a mile away and let rip. To be fair, the lad only put it on as a p!ss take because he's one of the only one's with no medals at all.