Comments on SJAR

Its her chance to add comments but once in they cannot be removed (or so I have been told) so they can easley trip themsleves up.

She should of requested an interview first rather than putting a grievance in the comments box which will serve little purpose apart from undermine her own position.

You cannot edit it so send it as is .

As for the parenting issue I would advise hitting her hard with AGAI 67 and apply the service test. Her parenting issue are hers to manage and if she is unable to do this then she cannot commit to service life.

If things are bad for her then she needs help from SAAFA and putting on the units welfare register. If she needs help then get it otherwise its discipline and needs dealing with.

Sorry if that sounded like a rant there!

Good luck :)
I have, in the short time that SJARs have been kicking around, been under the impression that if you as the subject were adding comments then you wanted to be bloody sure of your ground (at worst) and should have really discussed the whole RO1 report prior to commenting. Your subject seems to prove this hasn't got home or is proof that the majority of time the comments section will be used for moans by pers with shite reports because they are shite or have failed to act on their MYAR.
I was told if I had any problems with my CR(SJAR) I was to pop back and let the OC know and using his words "Dont write it in the suicide box speak to me" so when I did I asked why and his reply was "Because records gets to see it as it stays in the box all the way". So I think her comments are their to stay and if its in good England speak then they should laugh it out of the room.
But AGAI 67 is your friend here its a record of all the tricks she plays and will get her in the end.
If however you think she needs help then thats your duty of care to make sure all avenues have been covered as well.
Stops finger pointing and blame laying from on high.
cunning_stunt said:
I have a soldier working for me who is to put it lightly, a fckin nightmare. She is quite good at her job but on welfare grounds, I hate being responsible for her. Everytime something comes up that is slightly out of her comfort zone she says, "my kid is ill/has fallen down the stairs/childminder is ill" etc etc. I can't prove any of it but the fact that it happens everytime she is asked to do something is a decent indicator.

I have mentioned this in her SJAR, as she has only been with me for 4 months, I didn't discuss it at her MYA-the pattern hadn't emerged at that point. So I sent her SJAR to her on good ol' JPA and she has written about 1000 characters worth of comments (in her characteristic bad England) about how she feels she is being discriminated against because she has a child blah blah blah. To be honest, I am fed up of it all. I refuse to change what I have written as it is fact, not opinion. Do I have to do anything about her comments or can I just send it up the chain?
Other posters have covered the SJAR issue and I agree with them; it will reflect poorly on her. Make sure that your evidence is maintained in case it is challenged.

With regard to AGAI 67 action, you need to document what is going on and you need to involve the Welfare Officer as early as possible.

Can I just raise a note of caution here....

Quoting verbatim extracts from what is a confidential document is not wise!

By all means stick to generalities, but Arrse is not the forum to discuss specific cases methinks...
I stopped getting CR in 1974. I all my time I only had one in any way adverse. I also 'benefited' from a couple written by a CO who was of the opinion that anyone working for him was obviously of the highest possible standard due to his effective commanding. When I queried whether these 'excellents' would off-set the one dodgy effort, it was explained that Records knew individual reporters and discounted or raised reports accordingly. There was no space for comments back then - one signed as having seen it - but I often thought it would be nice if there were some section where the person under report could vent an opinion on the writer.
I was later leader of a group in civil employment involved in drawing up and implementing annual assessments for employees. The final effort was very much like a CR but had a section where the individual could make a frank and lasting comment after personal interview with the writer.
I do not think it is fully appreciated just how much of a disincentive measure a poor CR can be.
cunning_stunt said:
She is quite good at her job but on welfare quote]

Ok here is my contribution in your first few lines on this topic you mention that “She is quite Good at her job” Now she may have welfare issue but it’s also evident that you are not qualified to comment on those issue or can judge if she is bluffing her case.

If most or your contribution to her SJAR is on her welfare issue’s then you could be treading a fine line here into an ET court under the parental leave directive and I recommend taking some time to first inform the welfare officer and the soldier of your concerns, Don’t use an SJAR it could back fire on you. If her work performance is as you say then report on that, don’t over do the welfare issue.

I have seen redress cases were ROs have used a real welfare problem as an excuse to destroy a soldier when the problem was completely out of that soldiers control, just because the RO did not like him.
I know of two Officers who are now on civ div for making that mistake :wink:
Interestingly I was actually encouraged to comment on a recent report by my 2RO. Keep it short keep it factual. If you don't agree with something then say "I do not agree with...." That is all, don't venture an opinion.
They want you out devex!..

Either that, or the sharp pointy things are out for your 1RO.

Parental leave is one thing, but it sounds as though an individual is manipulating parental responsibility to swerve anything but the bare minimum. That said 1ROs need to tread carefully in this day and age, especially if there was no MPAR.

Has the issue been raised formally otherwise (and documented)? If the individual has been made aware of the issue outside an MPAR then it can still be used (I believe).

Awaiting incoming from the J1 gurus.
I covered this in another very similar thread; The soldiers comments box is designed to be an electronic version of the the old 1RO interview to look at your CR and make comments and see if he will make any amendments.

If you think all of the things she has brought up are nonsensicle, then you can send it to 2RO and APC with those comments attached.

If however, some of the comments are fair, this is 'your' opportunity to amend your write up accordingly. Once you have made ANY amendment, the SJAR will have to be sent to subject before it can be moved on, where they again, get the chance to comment on what is written.

Here's the kicker though, If I were you, I would be VERY reluctant to send that SJAR if her comments would appear to be in any way founded to someone reading it from the outside. As, with so many things these days, it will be you they wish to make an example of, not her, unfortunatly.

If you do keep such comments in, ENSURE they are all founded with HARD evidence, the lack of such comments on a MYA will inevitably lead to a disappointing result for you though.

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