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Hey guys, im hoping to be joining the Sigs pretty soon. Currently waiting on the medical to be returned.
Anyways, i've been reading a lot about the current seemingly crappy state of Blandford, from posts way back in 03 right up to now.

My question is is it REALLY that bad? If so, in what way?
Do people enjoy it there or is it some kind of hell hole?
I was pretty excited about joining the Sigs but some comments in here are putting me off.

Other carrers I was thinking about were Geo Data Tech or an INT CORPS employment.

Im aiming for the Sys Eng Tech area of the Sigs, mainly because ive always enjoyed fixing (playing :roll: ) with electronics and i'll hopefully get some great qualifications out of it.

Any help would be great :D
Jimbob35 said:
My question is is it REALLY that bad?
It isn't, sounds worse cause we have more people that are able to use a computer, they realised they were being listened to on this site and so thought it would be good fun to get some grief off their chests.
The place is great mate. Free use of gym equipment, bars, Poole is nearby and the staff are spot on. Keep your head down use your ears and mouth in that proportion ie: listen first and talk/ gob off less and you will do fine.
I'm there at the moment, it's not as bad as some would have you believe.

There are problems though, such as its a bit remote, its full of whingeing sprogs that expected to be sent to a training regiment resembing michael jacksons neverland, and you may on occasion be shouted at and generally treated like a sprog (which you will be!).

However its the same anywhere, there are ups and downs, transferable skills, some like minded people, Bournemouth, your weekends are your own...I could go on.

The people who had a whinge on here probably had very little to compare it to.
Jimbob, Good question, I was having the same doubts! Doesnt seem that bad afterall. Im starting basic in April so prob wont get there till august.


Thanks for the great replies, very helpful :D
Hopefully the interview goes well, thats my only barrier at the moment.

Any tips? Im learning as much as I can about my top 3 carriers from the printouts my recruiting officer gave me. but will it be enough? I have no idea what they ask.

Thanks again
dont worry what they ask .... there just after the truth ........ about time we had someone that actually wants to do this job for a career.... done ten years and still love it ........ down on the staff at blandford at the moment ........ top piece of advice is keep your nose clean ....... and stay out of trouble ........ good luck
ironrations said:
...its full of whingeing sprogs that expected to be sent to a training regiment resembing michael jacksons neverland...
Do they have to go to bed when the big hand touches the little hand? Sore bottoms all round.

Jimbob35 said:
Any tips? Im learning as much as I can about my top 3 carriers from the printouts my recruiting officer gave me.
I always rated the tesco carriers pretty good, but the asda and spar ones are reasonable quality carrier bags as well.

Only joking Jimbob35. Listen, pal, there are some good careers out there. People used to say the old cliche many moons ago - 'join the army and get a trade' - on the whole it was utter bullsh**, however there are a few Corps who offer a trade and the ability to get out and about, see the world and not get shot at. The Royal Signals is pretty good. The Royal Engineers are pretty good too, as are the REME, however it depends what particular trade you select within those Corps. Don't do Int Corps though. It sounds quite interesting at first but honestly, it is as dull as dishwater. OK, the first time you see Top Secret information you'll think 'wow', but then you'll realise it's actually rather boring - and it won't help you when you leave the army. Go for something technical (e.g. Sys Engr Tech as you said). Also consider Royal Signals Information Systems Engineer (if you want more info then PM me). The Royal Engineers have a trade of Geographic Terrain Analysts (or called similar) which is very gucci and they play about with superduper computer aided design and map terrain software. Or you could join the Paras and fight people.

smoojalooge said:
Clean your boots, iron your kit, turn up on time, take up a sport and try and try stay awake in class.

Do that and you should be fine.
Excellent post - this man will go far!
Information Systems Engineer is definately one of the better trades. Secong best would be Technician.

Cardinal Sin seems to know a little bit about these things. You just needs to read some of his threads.

Morrisons carriers sometimes cut into your hands if you have more than 6 tins in them. The best ones are from Iceland "not the country", the produce inside numbs your hands so you cannot feel anything. Champion.
Cheers for the carrier info, invaluable stuff there! :wink:

And thanks very much for the career info too, looking forward too it now... I'll probably be 23 by the time I enter, im just hoping my "company?" isnt' completely filled with all the 17-18yr old sprogs straight out of school. :evil:
Hey Jimbob35, good luck with the Royal Signals. I'm a transferee and to be honest, i've never looked back since. It's the best choice that you could make. You could do worse and consider a career in the Infantry (no disrespect fellas!)
Jimbob35 said:
smoojalooge said:
as for is eng and tech bits

They are soon to become one trade again
What does this mean? :)
It means that both trades of 'Information Systems Engineer' and 'Technicians' are quite possibly going to be amalgamated. In my view I don't see this as either a good nor bad thing. We shall just have to wait and see if this really happens and how much of a detriment this could have on both current trade structures. I could go on, but it will dredge up all sorts of 'old posts' that seem to recurr on here from time to time.

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