Commentary on Israel "Tunnel Vision" in Its West Bank Policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Interesting commmentary by former Israeli general about Israel's failure to properly assess its position as to Israeli settlements in occupied territories.

  2. Who cares? Israel during Obama's term will do what it wishes.
  3. Erm...Okey dokey.....silly me.
  4. We truly are blessed to be in the presence of a great mind.

    On the article - not really new and most of it is well within the Israeli consensus. Problem with the whole thing is that Israel can make peace with most of the Arab world but the fear is that there will always be another and another faction that will carry on the good fight.
    Happy ElQuds Day,
    Eid Mubarak
    and Shana Tova :D
  5. I never quite get the hold Israel has over America. The US gives Israel over US$10 billion a year in aid yet get spit in their faces for it. Hardly any gratitude shown but the money keeps flowing.
    I know they have a powerful Jewish lobby in Washington but how did that get so strong when the Jewish population in the US is so small compared to others?

    Why do the average Americans feel the need to defend Israel and all it's actions, however despicable or selfish, to the point of blindness? Is it a feeling of guilt over what happened during the Holocaust?

    I could never get a straight answer from my American friends Lots of vague this and that but no one could pinpoint what it is that Israel uses to squeeze America by the short and curlies.
  6. On the other thread, you said you prayed for Israel. I'd be interested to know why, if you don't mind me asking...

    The answer would be, I think, relevant to explaining Sergei's statement above.
  7. So seven million Israelis are going to carry on a perpetual war with 1.8 billion Muslims as a saner alternative?
  8. Don't mind at all--as Christians we are encouraged to pray for Israel in the Bible. -Genesis 12:2-3

    I realize many do not care what the Bible says but that is why for me. It does not mean "Israel right or wrong" in the sense I have to accept all that it does. Like any other nation, it makes "mistakes" (depending on your perspective of course).
  9. Genuinely, thanks for that. I guess God does seem quite clear on that point, if you believe in it all. I'm sure you can also see that if you don't, then it seems baffling and obstructive.
  10. Good for the Israelis, someone has to keep fighting islamic extremism.

  11. Ah... that's the problem, many Christain's believe Rapture can't happen until Israel is restored so happily encouraged it's creation and expansion. We Brits can't feel smug about this as it was some of our leaders who in the 1920's/30's were happy for Jews to head to the middle east believing the same thing.

    Bloody daft really but since many believe Israel needs to expand to some mythical biblical borders first a whole shit load more settlers need to take over half of Jordon/Syria. That is why some US Christian fundamentalists back Israel so much.

    Toodle pip.

  12. :roll:
  13. Understood. The Bible provides for that too: Spiritual Blindness
  14. I agree with Rumpel, whether or not Israel is justified in war against Hamas and its ilk is relatively moot if your response is helicopter attacks that kill innocents too: "collateral damage" just alienates a whole new generation of orphans into taking up arms and doing it all over again.

    (In my opinion) if Israel was sensible and went to the table, they'd remove more threat from extremism by the simple expedient of chopping out half their arguments.

    US support of Israel needs to grow up too - you can't have one of the kids beat up others in the yard, reward them with extra cookies for doing so, and expect all the other kids to like you.

    Thanks for the scripture lesson. :roll: