Comment, Compare & Criticise (My Kit)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bond, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Just as an interesting aside, i'm keen to hear some British opinions on my fighting rig.

    Whilst I was in the UK I was rather impressed with your Bergan, and that everybody seemed to be using the issue one without too much whinging! I was, however, very unimpressed with your belt kit, its only redeeming feature the PLCE yoke (which I have just found a copy of to attach to my own rig).


    Pack is an issue '94 pack with ALICE Frame and Crossfire DG6 Straps.




    Always hunting for ideas on how to improve my kit, and this forum has been a great resource!
  2. You may well have seen a poor example of belt kit - with PLCE, it's what you make it! Can be extremely good and comfortable with a bit of effort and it's all issue and (therefore) free.

    2x ammo pouch, 1x water bottle pouch, 2x utility pouch and 1x bayonet frog (attached side on), and a hippo pad, creates an excellent set of belt kit. Comfortable and extremely usable.
  3. The 'its what you make it' approach is similar to our kit, this rig here is not very typical of how chaps set it up. I like the 5 minimi pouches for the versatility and ease of use, but there are steyr pouches and water bottle covers/pouches that most people use.

    Two belt comforters zip tied together saves my arhse from chafe and makes a good pillow too!

    The PLCE I used in the UK I didn't have a lot of time to play with, so I suppose it was unfamiliarity that was the killer. I shafted off the magazine pouches and set it up similar to my rig at home. Didn't like the little clips on the pouches, the yoke was very comfy though.
  4. Is that an ALICE pack under all that? Never realised you had them... Got to say I am not such a fan of hanging things off/strapping things too a pack, unless you count the obligatory daysack fastened under the bergen lid, but if it works for you...

    Your webbing seems to be spookily similar to our own, just in Ozzy format. You can't go too far wrong with 2 ammo pouches each side, 2 pouches for water, and another one at the rear for other stuff you should have on you (RCK, windshirt, emergency rats and such). Is that a PRR pouch on the yoke, and do you not have a bayonet frog?

    Something else that comes in handy from an infanteer perspective (not sure if other arms can get away without this sort of kit or just daysack it) is a fourth such utility/water pouch at the rear, giving you 2 ammo and 4 big pouches. The extra one is enough to stash the most important of your team kit in - a PRC354 really, perfect fit, and spookily the med kit also comes in a similarly sized pouch. No doubt it could be used for a lightweight stretcher, 40mm grenades or extra Minimi link too.
  5. Bondy, have you had a look at 'The Australian Military Community'? I've only just found out about it myself :oops: There are also 'Mil Spec Monkey' and 'Lightfighter' websites (both Yank) which address similar things, amongst many others.

    The 5 minimi pouch setup reminded me of something similar I'd read about in the Aus. website.
  6. You probably read a post by myself extolling the virtues of such a belt kit set up :p
  7. I thought so! Busted! :wink:
  8. this depends on waist though! Particularly on the younger, smaller members of the Army, doing this whilst keeping the belt at your size can push the ammo pouches round to the front.

    So comms are good but reloading is an assault-vest-esque PITA!
  9. I don't know how aussie kit goes together, so don't know if this is necessary but a bungee and or utility strap round the rear pouches is always good.

    The bungee stops the contents of pouches from rattling (as much) and the two of them stop the pouches from bouncing around. Saying that, i don't know if you have these problems in the first place.
  10. With as few syllables as possible. We like pic-tures too. Pics good. Syll...silly...word-things bad. Make head hurt. Hit with club. Club good too. Like club, big club.
  11. have to say, i do like your rig set up. i served four years with the OZ Armed Forces back in 97-03 attached from HMF.

    good kit even back then as far as i recall :)
  12. Added a British style PLCE harness/yoke onto my belt kit, and tried the British ocky-strap trick - was tricky to achieve over the minimi pouches, required a couple of strategically placed zip ties.

    Humped it around the bush running/crawling up and down hills shooting at bad dudes for 3 days, and seemed to all work a treat. Will post a pic of the modified belt kit.
  13. I always thought Aussie cammo was a bit "Mothercare". Sort of thing you see on kids clothing ;)

    As for belt kit..I am unlucky in that I am slim (read skinny) and has a 32" waist at the start of my army career. I really struggled with PLCE webbing as the belt just was not long enough.

    Adding a hip pad type affair under the belt increased the belt to about 36" and that helped heaps.

    As for Aussie kit, I remember a visit by an Aussie infantry regiment to Brunei and we thought the belt kit was so much better than ours. We where still on '58 pattern for junble use back then. I somehow ended up with a small day pack that was extremely useful and well thought out.