Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by sobel, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. Have just heard that a certain trg SNCO has been awarded a GOC Commendation. I have also been informed that his Unit will not be holding an awards ceremony, makes you wonder doesnt it!!!
  2. Congratulations.
  3. sobel, you haven't "just heard" at all. you already posted about this a month ago. :roll:

    in fact, all your 3 posts have been on this subject. it's beginning to look suspiciously like you are the recipient... if you so desperately want a presentation, just strap on a pair and ask for it.

    p.s. congratulations. :)
  4. Congratulations Sobel! I think you deserve an awards ceremony!
  5. I think you're a cock
  6. No seriously, get off the fence and speak your mind, you are normally not so non-commital.
  7. Awards ceremony??? Man up.
  8. Moi? :?
  9. No it doesn't...

    Now just go and look in the mirror, say "I'm a really special little soldier", and get over it...

  10. You haven't said which Bn etc this certain trg SNCO is in or what the commendation is for (maybe OPSEC) .....I agree that such a commendation should be rewarded by a low key ceremony, but maybe the Unit is waiting until a moment where it can kill a few birds with one stone i.e. combine it with a couple of LS & GC's thus making it a marked occasion in the mess and allow family attendance?
  11. Or.....maybe he's a tw@t, and no-one cares?
  12. Maybe so....but he (or maybe she) has been recognised by somebody for doing something right and i think that should be supported by fellow mess members.. (my opinion only). When there's so much negativity surrounding what we do nowadays it's good to look at the +'s...get the JNCOs into the mess as well to give them something to aspire to.
  13. Would you really meet their aspirations by inviting them into the Seregeants' Mess? I would rather suggest you might set it as the topic of an aspiring NCOs OU MSC Thesis.

    Cant wait for Summer School again this year!
  14. Do you talk like that in real life?

    Your wife must be having affairs left right and centre. Your quite possibly the most boring man I have ever come across.