Commemorative medals.

I read with interest the thread entitled "Medal Wind Up". I can see the potential for "walting " it with these medals, but I can see a valid reason for their existence. My father and his cousin both joined up in 1948. My dad ended up in Iraq 1949-1950, and his cousin spent 1949 in Germany. Of his own admission dad's cousin was on a reasonably easy number, with no combat and mainly admin duties in and around his base, for which he received the GSM. He served his country in the capacity he was ordered, so fair enough. My dad was in a place then known as RAF Habbaniyah. Airmen were killed on a regular basis by disgruntled locals and conditions imposed on those serving there were harsh, while they tried to uphold the law there. This was considered a political situation so dad never received the GSM. The first chance he had to show anything for his time in the forces, was when the RBL came up with the national service medal. This therefore is not walting, but I wonder if the government will ever redress this imbalance, as they recently did for those who fought in Malaya.
I believe that 2 or 3 of these "Walting" medals are worthy of recognition, such as the POW Medal and the National Service medal.

I had no idea we were in Iraq in 1949-50, you learn something new every day!!!!!!!!! What injustice that your old man didn`t get a gong? Maybe he could wear the new Iraq Medal? It seems to be along the same lines, just 50 years later!!!!! Also very interested to hear about a GSM for Germany, what does it look like??

Quality post thanks for sharing it with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Various regimental histories show us in Iraq during both world wars, so we were in Iraq a lot longer than '49-'50. That was just when my dad was out there. This link has info on the GSM. No mention of a clasp for germany, but my dad's cousin wears it with no clasp and says it was for service out there, and other family members back up his claim, so I don't really know.
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