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Discussion in 'Medals' started by ArtyLaycock, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. With Remembrance day gone I thought I'd highlight a couple of incidents that happened at our village Cenotaph and in the follow on venue.
    Had a good turn out, I spend the couple of months leading up to the day itself making sure the local ACF and other youth organisations are prepared (I am an instructor myself), I also, for my sins arrange some of the admin bits and bobs to ensure the day goes smoothly.
    First thing, peoples dress. I was dismayed to find that some thought it ok to turn up in jeans and t shirts some of those i know have been in the forces, not a suit on between them, no medals worn and all in all a very poor bloody effort. The Cadet Warrant Officer taking the parade was a complete shambles and the appropriate letter has gone to the right person for this to be addressed.
    Secondly, a number of comments were made regarding commemorative medals, some of which were downright rude. If a person wishes to remember a specific time of service then they should be afforded that, I myself wear a small number of medals and was asked why I bothered? I am sure many on here could have told him why I bothered! Many of us did the required 22 and didnt deploy on operations for a huge number of reasons, everyone plays their part! I have looked at a couple of commnets on here and have to say some of you are sorely misguided and informed regarding some of the overseas postings undertaken during the East/West hostilities.
    And finally the few serving soldiers who attended didnt fly their respective flags very well. We had a member of the Reme wearing a beret with No 2's and a lad who thought it ok to wear the new issue combats and who only undertook the salute when he realised everyone else had responded to the last post.
    My hope is that these arent realistic examples of todays standards but I must be honest when i say that I am not impressed of late, whether thats a personal, governmental or general fault of all involved but alas, fingers crossed for a better day next year.
  2. WAH

    At least I desperately ******* hope so.
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  3. One wonders what medals you have if you didn't deploy, apart from the jubilee ones and lsgc
  4. Does everyone is this day and age own a suit? As for commemorative medals, they're civilians and as such aren't under any obligation (from jummped up ACF instructors) and can wear a ******* iron cross/order of stalin/order of the golden kite if you want.
  5. Suspect windup but I dont wear my silverware or a suit, what the **** has it got to do with you what people decide to wear or not to wear? Do you think its possible that the young lad in combats didnt have 2's? The fact he has dragged himself out of his pit and made an effort should be enough.

    Which one of the fat ***** are you on your website?
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  6. 2 things. I think the OP is saying commemorative medals are fine? And "jumped up ACF instructors" are civvies too!

    Also I'm mildly interested in which arrser he was before today?
  7. The Remembrance Parades a decade ago were significantly different to todays, I know, I have been involved in them for the past decade! The masses are seemingly more interested in getting to the free pie and peas and ale laid on afterwards.
    I do fear that the true meaning is becoming lost. (and there is no need for abuse guys)
  8. Two elements of your post would annoy me. The people in Jeans - and your damn bling medals. If Liz saw fit not to award a medal for whatever then tough, it did not deserve a medal. Wearing a bit of tin you bought yourself next to a real medal just devalues the real medal. The Standard bearer at my local Service has just the one medal, safety pinned to his blazer as the original mounting is long lost. No-one thinks the worse of him. He served in Aden, thats enough and all anyone needs to know. Wind your neck in and stop being so self-important. Buy the lad in PCS Combats a beer and take the piss out of his cock-up rather than bleat on here.
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  9. If this isn't a wind-up then I suspect it makes a very good one. But before it gets holed ...

    How very noble of you.

    Covered to death in other threads. What people wear on Remembrance is entirely up to them. The fact that they attend and pay respects speaks volumes for the individual rather than the way they dress. If they choose not to wear medals so be it; it's not about the living but rather the ones who can't be there wearing their medals.

    Rather than express your concerns to him in person? Bet you were a bundle of fun during your 22 years ... chief snitch were you?

    Then buy some commemoratives to commemorate your part in the downfall of the Ruskie peril.

    Hell is a badly turned out fitter eh? Especially one who doesn't know when to salute. I'm sure it will be a better day next year ... especially, fingers crossed, if you stay away.

    First post wind-up? Last Post hopefully.
  10. Alongside my LS and GC I wear my Cadet Forces Medal, The Cold War Victory Medal, The Veterans Service Medal and the Falklands 30th Anniversary Medal.
    They arent there to represent anything false or misleading, they are simply a commemorative dedication, I know we have a lot of places to earn medals now but the never ending similarity with todays army is that we were all miles away from home suffering similar hardships albeit for longer in some cases.
  11. Good Morning Arty Laycock. I gotta say mate I agree with your comments on your last message, WTF are people doing turning up at Rememberence parades in jeans and other casual gear. Is it me being over the top by thinking people should make an effort, purely out of respect to the Brave Dead and not just as an excuse to arrive and be seen as being there. I see every day people where I work turnout lookin like a bag of shit, hair like a fkn birds nest, unshaven or my pet peev is blokes with haircuts that look like some fkn faggot off certain national t.v shows.........replies pls.....rant partially over.
  12. How very easy it is in your world! A lot of effort goes into getting these parades set up and running smoothly so when someone doesnt make the effort it grates, it doesnt take much to throw on your Sunday best and get into the spirit of things. My first statements didnt go across particurlarly so I apologise but there seems to be a huge gulf between standards of yesteryear and now. Thats all.
  13. The Falklands 30th Anniversary Medal? But no mention of a South Atlantic Medal? I'd say that was a little offensive to folk who were down south in 82. Mind it must be hell in MPA 30 years on.
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  14. Wear the Walty bling...just not on the left chest as with OFFICIAL medals!
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  15. I'm sorry - but why did you come on this forum again?