Commemorate the Somme 1 July

You can buy a copy for around £10. Its also bundled with "The battle of the Ancre" showing tanks in battle. I understand that many of the Soldiers who fought in the later stages of the Battle of the Somme would have seen the film of the first day.
Slightly off-topic, in that it's not a 1st July issue.

Do any tankies know whether there are any plans to drive a tank through Flers-Courcelette in September ?.
My Great Great Uncle was killed on 2 July 1916 and I was hoping to attend the 90th anniversary commemorations on the 1st and visit his war grave in Beumont-Hamel on the 2nd, alas work commitments prevailed.
I saw that documentary (Timewatch?) where they had identified William Holland, the soldier carrying a wounded comrade on his back along the trench towards the camera - one of the most iconic images of the Somme. It really was profundly moving: they'd found his grand-daughter(?) and some family & army photos of Holland showing him all smart, cheerful and dapper - so the contrast with the footage of him looking sweat-soaked, strained and dishevelled was quite powerful, as was the detail they were able to fill in about the casualty and the time & place.
For your info guys there's a very good documentary out called "The Somme from defeat to victory" which is available from DD Home Entertainments priced at about £15. It portrays the attack on Thiepval by the Salford Pals, and the subsequent lessons learned. It was filmed near Ipswich last year and they had a WW1 tank based on a Centurion chassis. It's well worth watching, I think it will be on BBC later this year.

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