Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by COMMSRUS, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. ...............barking
  2. very good all the same!

  3. This clip just makes us all look like a bunch of idiots.
    It is a crying shame that today we found out that yet another one of our number has given his life doing a proper job. But at the same time we show the rest of the Army that these spanners are running the Operation room.
  4. It is cheesy as fcuk, but you are being a bit harsh there. They are only avin a larf.
  5. Yep but did the dude lovin the siggie leave his wife?
  6. Are these tw@s on glue, no wonder every one thinks that scaleys are cnuts. You well earned your telic medal there you scum bags!!
  7. Can't be commcen ops, not a 117, 127 or 131 in sight, or an EPR

    From a sad supervisor at RGFEAA a long time ago
  8. so when the combat sandbags do the peter kay spoof they get applauded and loved by all. but when the remf scalies do it they get slated!!! doesnt really make sense to me, and the infantry are losing a hell of a lot more bods than the signals.
    its no wonder the signals now have a reputation for being a bunch of whinging cnuts these days when you cant even have a bit of harmless fun on ops.
    Everyone has to let of steam one way or another............................
  9. such an inappropiate time to make such a comment, go resit your pond life quals.
  10. Clarify the inappropriacy?
  11. Why REMF's? As far as I am aware the insurgents are actually Alles Uber das Platz so what counts these days as Rear Ech?
  12. well seeing as my last post seemed to stirred up a bit of a hornets nest lets clarify

    inappropriate time? this video was most probably made a while before the shatt al incident and has only just made it onto youtube. i did not serve with lee hopkins but from all the comments made on his thread on here, he seems to have been a top bloke and a sad loss to all concerned. RIP. but would most probably have seen the funny side of the video
    REMFS is just old school terminology, and as these guys are apparently commcen/ops room bods it seems safe to assume they are with headquarters staff. Does not make them any safer 'rear ech' or not.
    Finally my point was, if you can get out from behind the sandbags then the tensions need to be released, just because people choose to make a vid like this (good or bad) does not make them tw@ts and a bad example to the corps. let them have their moment of fun on an otherwise sh1t op!!

    Rant over.................good vid guys, make sure you all get back in on piece.

  13. Although the timing of the initial post may be slightly upsetting to some, I think whats more upsetting is the fact that some people on here just whinge about our lads and lasses having fun and making a playful video in their precious spare time.

    I no doubt think that those people who are whinging probably haven't done an Op Tour in their life.

    Leave them alone and let them have their five minutes of fun. Its not hurting anyone and has nothing to do with you.
  14. Ops Room and Commcen: not really the same are they now!

    Going by your quote it looks like you aren't aware its a spoof of the music video to the track being played. Have a look at the proper one (listed near it on youtube) and you might see it for what it is. Even if it wasnt a spoof, its still funny on its own merit, just a bunch of lads letting off a bit of steam. Fcuk being on an Op Tour with a member of the morale police such as yourself.