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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by whatley, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. Having happened across this video:

    Envoye Special Forces France Commandos Marines 1/3 - Vidéo Dailymotion

    Can anyone explain why the DS are wearing British DPM uniforms, it would appear that they are part for the rig for 'badged' members of this unit. As it's not something I would have expected from the French forces least of all their navy.

    I'm sure that the question will attract some infantile French bashing comments but if anyone knows the history I am genuinely interested.
  2. [​IMG]

    New French Stuff pos? Same pat as Dutch stuff and our old stuff.
  3. - perhaps he shops
    at RVoPs

    Hat, coat etc
  4. If it's the same documentary I'm thinking about, I saw it on TV5 a couple of years back, and wondered the same. I guessed that it was probably swapped for with their British counterparts and worn for the Gucci factor. Interesting documentary though!
  5. DPM smocks are only worn by the DS of the Commando Course based in the Ecole des Fusiliers Marins et Commandos in Lorient as a way to set them apart from the trainees and they only do during the course itself.

    Wearing the DPM Smock is also a way of remembering the fact that the Free French "originals" from this units were trained by the Brits in Achnacarry in 1942.

    Other members of the Commandos Marine do not wear uniforms in DPM pattern.

    The GIGN has also worn DPM pattern uniforms in the past when operating on its own in France; when abroad they wear CCE French camouflage for obvious reasons.
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  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Are they carrying MAT-49s?
  7. De-activated and ancient weapons such as MAT 49 or even first generation FAMAS are used for the most physical parts of the different commando courses in order not to damage more modern weapons on the different assault courses and non-firing exercises.

    I think such weapons are/were called "DP" in the Brit forces (Drill Purpose)
  8. Yep they were , I understand they are used in shitty conditions to save ******* up a good Famas, dont fancy the food , note pads are disgusting.
  9. Firstly I must congratulate my countryman "Fantassin" on their extremely eloquent and accurate answer. As for the MAT-49 sub-machine gun, to the best of my knowledge whilst it may be used for training purposes it is highly unlikely as it has been steadily phased out since 1979 being replaced by the FAMAS F1. Saying that MAT-49's were in the hands of the "rebels" during the 2011 Libyan conflict.
  10. MAT-49s have been phased out from all official services in France; they were replaced by Beretta M12S in Police service, MP-5 and UMP in Gendarmerie service and by the FAMAS in the armed forces (except SF, they use HK 416s, G-36 or for some situations, MP-5s).
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Exactly how much knowledge does the average French granny have about sub-machine guns :?
  12. Depends on which network she belonged to during WW2......;-)
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  13. Many thanks
  14. Alsacien

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    She does not look quite that old in the photos....:)
  15. Thank you for the compliment, shows you are a gentleman