Commandos in Afghan.

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by kiwi1938, Mar 23, 2012.

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  1. I've been looking at videos and articles of British troops in Afghanistan and was wondering.

    Do the more "specialized" troops like Paras and Marines get given/have been given more difficult roles in the conflict?
    Or are they just treated like the other infantry divisions?

    I was wondering if they'd have more specialized/more difficult roles as they are more specialized troops.
  2. Yes.....and no.
  3. Spesh troops given spesh roles, there's a novel value for money thought.

    CWW shuffles off.
  4. 12 pages, 1 page before some chippy **** mentions ipods
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  5. Dont be dumb. Within 17 posts.
  6. Well.... apparently, every time 16 came round for a go, the top brass decided it was time to push the boundaries, and kill more terry than normal... so I was told anyway.
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  7. Excuse my thickness but is an iPod regarded as special kit for Paras?
  8. The main difference is the way the units Rip in to theatre. 16x jump in so they can say there is still a need for the Para course, as for 3 commado they get the Navy to give them a lift and then Heli in as they cant get the boats close enough.